CamRanger: comfortable remote release with DSLR from Nikon and Canon

CamRanger with cover
CamRanger with cover

Small and inconspicuous, but a real powerhouse with many great functions (photos:

First of all, the small caveat: Unfortunately, the device presented here only works with Nikon or Canon DSLR cameras. Those who prefer to take photos with their Hasselblad can click away now. But it works very well with bestselling models like Canon 600D, 700D, 1100D ,, 5D Mark II and Mark II, Nikon D3100, D5100, D7100 and others. A complete list of the CamRanger Supported camera models can be found at the bottom of the post.

What does the CamRanger do?

That was my first question, too, but it was answered quite quickly after I asked myself that I watched the product video. The CamRanger is basically a kind of remote shutter release and WLAN switch between DSLR and iPad. Instead of the iPad, you can also use the iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac or Android devices. The transmission of the data works completely wirelessly, but you have to plug the CamRanger yourself into the camera and then attach it with a hot shoe adapter above the camera so that you don't have to dangle it in front of the lens all the time.

The extreme advantage that the CamRanger offers over a normal remote release is the fact that you have a giant viewfinder and a number of controls for the camera on the iPad or on the device with which you use the CamRanger. Many users use the CamRanger to view photos on the iPad immediately after printing, because there you can even look at the RAWs with 100% zoom and check whether the result is good.

iPad live view

This is what the remote control on the iPad looks like, for example, with the live view of the camera.

However, you can just as easily display the search image on the iPad and use the GUI on the iPad to set the focus, exposure time, exposure program, aperture and much more. After the last update there is even a live view Depth of field possible - a great feature if you want to check the photo carefully before printing.

But you have many more options with the CamRanger to simplify your daily work. For example, you can use it to take timelapse recordings, you can record time-controlled and even perform automated HDR recordings. The individual images are carried out by the CamRanger with predefined aperture steps and postprocessing is carried out later in programs such as Photoshop.

HDR recordings with the CamRanger

Areas of application for the CamRanger remote release

As I could read in other blogs, there are numerous possible uses that this remote control enables. For example, it can be used in animal photography, as the camera can be operated remotely without being in the immediate vicinity. The camranger can also be used for architectural photography with panoramic shots using a tripod. Some also use it for macro photography, as you can adjust and release the camera without much contortion. A particularly good example that I have read is also the use by the police, who use it in connection with a high tripod to document accidents - how else should you look through a viewfinder when the camera is 10 meters above you High tripod is attached. :)

Macro photography with the CamRanger

Macro photography is certainly one of the most sensible areas of application when you have the CamRanger at hand.

Tests and reviews about the CamRanger

There are some blogs that have pre-buttoned the CamRanger as a test object. I don't want to chew on everything that is in it, that's why I have put together a small further list of articles that might help to find weaknesses and advantages of the CamRanger from experience reports.

Useful accessories for the device

If you want to buy the CamRanger, you should see if you don't order something at the same time, because there are a few accessories that make sense.

Hot shoe mount
With this bracket you can easily clip the camranger above the camera and thus counteract the dangling.
Replacement battery for the CamRanger
The original additional battery for the CamRanger. It delivers 2000 mAh and corresponds to the battery that is supplied from the factory.
Eye-Fi 8GB Pro X2 WiFi SD card
This SDHC card can feed the photos taken directly into the WLAN. This means that you can read them out on other devices and continue to use them.
Cable ties to prevent tangled cables in front of the lens
You should have these practical Velcro cable ties in the house anyway. You can actually do something with it anytime and anywhere - in the case of the CamRanger you use it to shorten the connection cable.

Not to forget! The CamRanger itself:

CamRanger - the wireless remote control for DSLR
At a little over 300 EUR, the CamRanger is certainly not the cheapest option to trigger your camera remotely, but there is currently none that offers so many features and such easy operation.

Supported camera models

The models in this list are all also listed on the CamRanger website. It should be noted that some older Nikon models are also supported, but the possibility of viewing images on the LCD is switched off. There are also a few other features that may or may not be supported depending on the camera model. You can find more details here .

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Canon DSLRs Nikon DSLRs
Canon XSi/450D Nikon D5000
Canon T1i / 500D Nikon D5100
Canon T2i / 550D Nikon D5200
Canon T3i / 600D Nikon D90
Canon T4i / 650D Nikon D7000
Canon 40D Nikon D7100
Canon 50D Nikon D300
Canon 60D Nikon D300S
Canon 7D Nikon D700
Canon 6D Nikon D600
Canon 5DII Nikon D800 / D800E
Canon 5D III Nikon D3
Canon 1Ds III Nikon D3s
Canon 1D IV Nikon D3x
Canon 1Dx Nikon D4

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  1. Marianne Schlueter says:

    is that right for android still the version
    1.2.1. is valid? There are many for i-phones and i-pads

    • sir appleot says:

      Yes, unfortunately that is correct. The guys seem to have an emphasis on the iOS users. But at least there was an update for the camranger app at the beginning of 2014. But version 1.2.1 is still the current one. This one Link to the Playstore, you can look it up again yourself (the version number is at the bottom of the page).

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