Can i talk to Siri? And how do I activate Siri?

Can you talk to Siri?

Of course you can talk to Siri, at least by giving her orders or asking her about certain things. However, anyone who hopes to have a longer conversation with Siri will likely be disappointed. After starting a conversation, she usually only answers with one sentence and then goes back to stand-by.

If you then start the conversation again, you basically start all over again, as she cannot access the content of previous conversations. Presumably, such data is automatically deleted by Apple over and over again for reasons of data protection.

When Siri is active, the Mac, iPhone or iPad usually indicates this with this wobbling icon.

When Siri is active, the Mac, iPhone or iPad usually indicates this with this wobbling icon.

How to Talk to Siri on the iPhone

If you want to talk to Siri, you need to know how to activate it. Without this, Siri will not be able to speak to you, answer your questions, or carry out your commands. You can find out how the activation works here:

Step A.

The following options are available on the different devices to activate Siri

  • Hold down the Home button on old iPhone or iPad models
  • Press and hold the standby button on the far right of the newer iPhone models
  • Press and hold the standby button at the top right on newer iPad models
  • Hold down the middle button on the wired EarPods
  • double-tap the AirPods
  • Hold down the “stalks” of the AirPods Pro for a longer period of time
  • Press and hold the voice assistant button on other Bluetooth headphones

You should now hear the activation tone from Siri. A kind of swirling cloud will appear in the lower center of your iPhone or iPad, indicating that Siri is now listening.

Step B.

After hearing the two beeps in rapid succession, you can ask your question or issue an order.

After speaking, Siri gives feedback and shows you what she has understood on the screen.

Step c

If you didn't understand what you wanted from her, there are two ways to fix it:

  • Siri shows what she has understood as text on the iPhone. Corrections can be made in this text.
  • If a word is highlighted in blue, you can tap on it and choose an alternative for the word.
  • If you tap on the microphone symbol, you can speak your request differently or more clearly.
  • If you have an e-mail or SMS that you want to send, you can add corrections to it and then say “Send now” when you are satisfied with the content.

Step D.

If Siri accentuates a name or word incorrectly, say, "This is not how INSERT-NAME is emphasized." You will then receive a few suggestions from Siri, from which you can choose one.


If you do not want to have a command to Siri carried out, for example because a call should not be made or you do not want to send a message, you can simply say "Cancel".


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