Can I also use iPhone 5 cases for the 5s?

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Icon ask Sir ApfelotOne reader asked whether he could basically use all cases that are designated for the [iPhone 5-> iphone-5] for the iPhone 5s as well.

Answer: Yes, this is of course possible, as nothing changed in terms of appearance or dimensions when upgrading from iPhone 5 to 5s. The openings for the buttons, switches, headphones and the camera or flash are still in the same place as on the 5 Series. For this reason, every 5 case can also be used as an [iPhone 5s case-> iphone-5s case].

If you would like to know exactly, you can find the dimensions of the iPhone 5s / 5 [here-> iphone-5s-dimensions].

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  1. Bastian says:

    Would also be annoying if it hadn't been. You can't always expect customers to buy new cases. But with the old Iphone variations, you can also use covers from the 3s for the 4 or 4s.

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