Canary Flex: wireless, battery-operated, weatherproof HD surveillance camera

The Canary Flex, the relatively new surveillance camera from Canary, should be robust outside and elegant inside. Either with a mains connection or wirelessly thanks to the built-in battery, it can detect movements outdoors and indoors, record videos in HD quality, let you know about activities via the app on your smartphone and much more. You can buy the Canary Flex surveillance camera from Amazon in black or white. Certainly also interesting for all those who are at this post asked if there is such a solution;)

The Canary Flex surveillance camera ensures that you always know what's going on at home, in the garden, in the holiday home or in the children's room, even when you are mobile.

The Canary Flex surveillance camera ensures that you always know what's going on at home, in the garden, in the holiday home or in the children's room, even when you are mobile.

WLAN surveillance camera Canary Flex

The Canary Flex can be integrated into the manufacturer's security and alarm systems already available on the market and used flexibly. The power cord is magnetically attached to the device, which is somewhat reminiscent of the old MagSafe power cords on MacBooks. This means that the camera can be moved quickly from one location to another and can be used very flexibly inside, outside and anywhere in or around the house. The only important requirement: a WiFi network through which activities, pictures, videos and notifications can be shared.

Security camera for outdoor and indoor use
With good customer reviews and ratings on Amazon, the weatherproof surveillance camera with WiFi connection and free app from Canary is ideal for everyone who wants to monitor their house, garden, garage, holiday apartment or other objects. Also suitable for the children's room to monitor small children. Or for watching the pets. The Canary Flex can be integrated into the Canary All-in-One security system.

Costs through premium subscription and services

With all the advantages of the system or the surveillance camera for indoors and outdoors, there are also some points that can be viewed negatively. The videos and pictures made by the Canary Flex are of course not saved locally. They are stored in the cloud, from which they can be downloaded to a smartphone or computer. In addition, a two-way speech function is also provided (for use as a baby monitor, intercom, emergency call system, etc.), but this can only be activated with a subscription. Here is a comparison of the services:

No subscription service Premium subscription
Please provide your email address and telephone number Ja Ja
Ability to download video material 24h 30 days
The number of video downloads is limited Ja No
Calling up content via webBrowser No Ja
Use of the two-way speech function No Ja
Monthly charges €0 €9,99

Canary Flex presented in the video

If you want to get an impression of the Canary Flex surveillance camera in picture and sound, then I have the right video for you here:

Canary Smart Home Security App

Both the Canary All-in-one security system as well as the individual Flex cameras can be connected and controlled via the WLAN with the manufacturer's free app. the App was only updated a few days ago and is now also ready for iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad (as of September 22, 2017). In addition, the app can be connected to the Apple Watch so that you are also informed about the security of your property on your wrist:

[appbox app store id939760559]

Three monitoring modes can be set

The Canary Flex surveillance and security camera offers three different modes that you can switch on and off individually. Here is a brief, informative overview:

  • On the go mode: Monitoring of the area that can be captured by the camera, notification via push notifications when movements and activities are detected
  • At home mode: automatic or manual shutdown of the camera when someone is at home. But can also remain active, for example when monitoring the garden, the baby or the like
  • Night mode: Monitoring at night with optional notifications and recording of incidents / activities

Alternative for local recording without notification: Wildlife camera in the test

Questions, answers, opinions and more

What do you think of this WLAN surveillance camera with its numerous possible uses and the connection with iPhone, Apple Watch and Co.? Do you have any questions or suggestions about the product or have you been able to subject the Canary Flex to a test? I look forward to your comments on the product!


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  1. Nicoke says:

    Hello, I would like to monitor a horse meadow. Electricity is available, just no phone line, I would like to have 2 cameras that record at night and, if possible, on the cell phone. Is there anything in affordable?
    Cheers Nicole

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello nicole! So the Instar Outdoor IN-5905HD would be the right thing here. The infrared LEDs provide clear images even at night. What you would still need would be a mobile WiFi router (3G / LTE) like that E5577Cs from Huawei. You can get a suitable data plan here in the comparison calculator choose. Instar offers a corresponding app for iPhone and Android smartphones with which you can access the data from the cameras while you are on the move to see what is happening. I hope that has helped you a little. LG! Jens

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