Cancel Google Colab subscription - done in a few seconds

Termination of Google Colab

I've booked Google Colab for a few months because I've been experimenting a lot with Disco Diffusion AI, which can be used to produce AI art. I would currently recommend Midjourney as a start for anyone interested in this type of artistic activity. This project runs as a Discord bot, has a simple interface and brings amazing results.

Midjourney is also the reason why I no longer need my Google Colab subscription. And as is always the case with subscriptions, it was the same with Google Colab: the way to cancel was rocky because I didn't know where to find the right button.

Colab termination explained quickly

To make it easier for you, I have briefly described the way here so that you can complete the cancellation in a few seconds:

  1. Go to this website
  2. on this page you select the tab “Subscriptions and Services”
  3. Now look for the “Subscription status” tile and click on the “Cancel subscription” button there
  4. now Google asks if you really want to cancel, which you confirm

I accidentally found another way to cancel my contract when I looked up Google Colab's prices. If you click on the free plan on the price overview, you will also be directed to the cancellation page if you have a paid subscription.

You can find the subscriptions and services area at and cancel the subscription there.
You can find the subscriptions and services area at and cancel the subscription there.

What is Google Colab actually?

Colab stands for “Collaborative Projects” and is a cloud-based environment for the collaborative development of projects in many different disciplines. Founded in New York City, the group aims to promote interdisciplinary collaboration through open meetings between artists from different disciplines. For this purpose, the website Google Colab eingerichtet.

Google Colab provides a free, web-based environment for creating and sharing Jupyter notebooks. Users can run Python code on the Google server optimized for data analysis and machine learning. The service also uses Google's collaboration features. A free account gives access to a range of computing resources, including a GPU. The Pro plan offers expanded computing resources but still comes with some limitations. If you want to get the maximum out of it, you have to opt for the slightly more expensive Pro+ plan. You can find a detailed comparison of the three stages in my post about the Google Colab prices.

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2 Responses to “Cancel Google Colab subscription – done in a few seconds”

  1. Joachim M. Guentert

    Great info about Midjourney, Jens – thank you very much!! You are welcome to bring something to it - this is particularly interesting for curious AI beginners...

    1. Hello Joachim! Yes, I'm working on MidJourney right now. The tool is very interesting. Unfortunately, I still have to test a few devices before I can start the article on Midjourney. But it's worth checking out.

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