Canon SELPHY CP1300 in the video: functions, problems and remedies

Update 31.12.2018/1300/XNUMX: In the meantime, the Canon Selphy CPXNUMX has also "moved in" with me and I was completely enthusiastic. You can here is my review of the photo printer .

The Canon SELPHY CP1300 is a small, mobile WiFi photo printer that, in combination with the corresponding app, can print selfies and other photos directly from a smartphone or tablet. Various features and printing options (also via computer or SD card) make it usable for various occasions - for passport photos, for parties or weddings, for holidays and for printing individual postcards on a world trip. On YouTube I found a video about a Canon SELPHY CP1300 test, which I have linked and summarized for you here.

The Canon SELPHY CP1300 test by Marc Arzt shows that the mobile photo printer has its strengths. The weaknesses can almost be neglected. Image source: Amazon
The Canon SELPHY CP1300 test by Marc Arzt shows that the mobile photo printer has its strengths. The weaknesses can almost be neglected. Image source: Amazon

Canon SELPHY CP1300 review

A live test of the Canon SELPHY CP1300 as well as reports on the use of the device, a comparison with the predecessor "CP1200" and information on the functions, print quality and other areas are provided by Marc Arzt in his Video on the subject. In the YouTube video about the mobile photo printer, which can easily be controlled via WLAN via the app, there are many advantages, but also a few disadvantages. The color quality is already quite good, but its slight blue cast can be removed by making adjustments (for example in the mobile Lightroom version for the iPhone).

The underlying technology and its further development compared to the Canon SELPHY CP1200 is also critically addressed in the video. In fact, printing technology does not seem to have improved. Although the selfies and vacation photos come from the mobile printer in good quality, the thin line that is visible at second glance in the printed image was not removed. This line can even be seen in the product photos on Amazon, when you know that you have to keep your eyes open afterwards. 

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Specifications: Canon SELPHY CP1300 datasheet

Before I get to the app and the other contents of the test report video for the Canon SELPHY CP1300, here are the specs of the device:

  • Manufacturer: Canon
  • Model: CP1300
  • Model number: 2235C002
  • Dimensions: 18,6 cm x 13,6 cm x 6,3 cm
  • Weight: 862 g
  • Print type: thermal transfer printer
  • Technology: printer foil cartridges
  • Print from: iOS or Android device, SD card, camera
  • Operation via power supply: yes
  • Battery operation: yes (CP1300 battery available separately)
  • Scope of delivery: Compact Photo Printer SELPHY CP1300, paper cassette (for paper in postcard format), compact power adapter CA-CP200 B, power cord, instructions
  • Useful accessories: Battery Canon NB-CP2LH; Canon printer cartridge RP-108 (two cartridge foils for 54 prints and 108 sheets of photo paper)


Canon PRINT App for SELPHY and Inkjet

To send the photos from the iPhone camera to the photo printer, you need the app Canon PRINT Inkjet / SEPHY, short: PRINT. This is available for Apple iOS and Google Android alike. In addition to the printer shown, it is also made for the PIXMA and MAXIFY product lines. You can find the PRINT app download for iOS in the App Store and for Android in the Play Store.

[appbox app store id664425773]

Summary of advantages and disadvantages

In the almost ten-minute video, several advantages and a few small disadvantages of the device are named. Here I would like to reproduce them briefly so that you can get an insight:


  • Mobile printing of photos and postcards in various modes
  • Input of images via WLAN, SD card and connection of the camera, PC or Mac
  • Operation either on the mains or mobile via battery (to be purchased separately)
  • Use via app via iOS device or Android device possible
  • Use of storage media and printing of images can be controlled via your own display

Neutral points

  • Color adjustments may be necessary; however, these are easy to implement
  • Battery not included
  • App for smartphone printing required (instead of WLAN transmission to printer memory)


  • Printing technology with line in the picture taken over from the predecessor as a printing error
  • Printer cartridge foils and printing paper not included in delivery

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Slight blue cast - solution via your own correction

In the video linked and embedded above, a slight bluish cast is mentioned in the pictures printed by the Canon SELPHY CP1300 photo printer, which may only be noticeable by the photo professional. The solution also shown in the video consists of loading the image with the mobile selfie printer into an image editing app for iOS before printing it and adjusting the color temperature and other values ​​there, if necessary. In the example shown, the following steps have been taken:

  1. Open the iPhone photo you selected for printing in the Lightroom app
  2. To correct this, set temperature to +10, tint to +4 and saturation to +10
  3. Use the share option to send the image from Lightroom to the PRINT app and thus to the WiFi printer

So a little detour, but one that quickly and easily leads to more beautiful pictures. In this way, individual effects and color options can also be implemented. So if you want to see whether the photo should not be printed better as a black and white image (possibly with colored accents) or otherwise processed, you can also use an app for photo editing.

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Buy Canon SELPHY CP1300 and accessories

At Amazon, among others, you can not only buy the Canon SELPHY CP1300 mobile printer buy, but also the appropriate or necessary accessories. The package with Printer transparencies and paper for printouts in postcard format currently costs 28,90 euros (as of August 2018). With 108 prints, that's about 26,8 cents per photo. I still think that's quite humane - and on the go it's still much cheaper than the postcards from the souvenir shop. Speaking of on the go: of course there is also on Amazon the right battery for the device.

12,00 EUR
Canon mobile photo printer
The device performed well in the Canon SELPHY CP1300 test. Small mistakes and problems result in a deduction of points, but do not make the device a complete flop. You can find multimedia impressions of the device in the video.
7,35 EUR
Canon printer cartridge RP-108
You should order the Canon RP-108 printer cartridge with enough color and paper for 108 prints. Because these accessories are not included in the scope of delivery of the printer. Further technical data and Canon SELPHY CP1300 specs can be found in the data sheet above.
Canon NB-CP2LH battery
The Canon NB-CP2LH Selphy battery is compatible with the photo printer presented here. The battery can be charged directly via the printer in mains operation. Data: 22,2 V; 1.100-1.200 mAh; 25 Wh. Compatible with SELPHY models CP810, CP1000, CP790, CP1300, CP1200, CP900, CP820, CP910, CP780, CP800.
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  1. Hello :)
    I think it's great that the cp1300 offers different sizes!
    My question about this is: If a smaller size is selected, can different images be degprinted on one printing paper?

    1. You can make a collage with the Canon Selphy app and then select different photos to print out together on a piece of paper.

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