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Carbon Copy Cloner, or CCC for short, is backup software for the Apple Mac that you can test for 30 days free of charge. Numerous functions, such as creating a bootable copy of the hard drive or automatic backups at set times, as well as a beautiful, structured user interface make the backup app an interesting super duper! and SmartBackup Alternative. Just that at superduper! and SmartBackup the free basic version has no time limit. What the Carbon Copy Cloner offers you for 36,30 euros, I have summarized for you in the following.

Carbon Copy Cloner for the Apple Mac is backup software with many individual settings. You can find information and the CCC download here.
Carbon Copy Cloner for the Apple Mac is backup software with many individual settings. You can find information and the CCC download here.

Current version: Carbon Copy Cloner 5

The backup software for the Apple Mac, iMac and MacBook is currently available in version 5, also in German (as of November 2020). If you have already installed an older version of CCC, the developer Bombich Software is offering you a discount of up to 50% for upgrading the app. Before updating, however, it is important to note the compatibility of version 4 and version 5:

CCC version 4 CCC version 5
Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion ja no
Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks ja no
Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite ja ja
Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan ja ja
macOS 10.12Sierra ja ja
macOS 10.13 High Sierra ja ja
macOS 10.14 Mojave ja ja
macOS 10.15 Catalina ja ja
macOS 11.0 BigSur ja ja

(The software does not run on the Windows PC)

Features: This is what Carbon Copy Cloner can do

The features of the software are manifold. Starting, of course, with the individual backup of your files from the Mac hard drive to external data carriers, NAS or other storage devices. Choosing the source and destination as well as setting a schedule are super easy. If you wish, the backup program will even inform you by e-mail when a data backup has been completed or if errors have occurred. And best of all: Not only can you back up your data, but you can also use CCC to create a bootable copy of your hard drive - in the event that the Mac hard drive completely smears.

In the advanced settings and in the app settings, further adjustments can be made and the hard drive backup of your Apple Mac can be refined. In the e-mail settings, for example, the subject and content of the message can be adjusted - so you only get the information you need. For all those who are making a backup for the first time or who have only recently started using a Mac, there are practical tips and a guided data backup with a click of the lightbulb button. Nothing can go wrong there. The schedule also helps you remember to regularly copy your current files, folders and directories.

Carbon Copy Cloner Settings
In this window you specify the settings and start the backup with Carbon Copy Cloner.

A complete, illustrated list of all functions and possibilities of Carbon Copy Cloner can be found on the developer page There is also a complete comparison of CCC4 and CCC5 with a list of the compatibilities for different Mac OS X and macOS versions from 10.8 Mountain Lion to 10.13 High Sierra with APFS file system. Take a look - the 30-day trial version is free.

Requirements for regular backups with CCC
Regular backups can also be implemented with CCC. Here you can see the settings for this feature.

Download: Download CCC in German

Although the Bombich Software website is mainly in English, you can download Carbon Copy Cloner in German there. The download page for the free trial version you can find here. If you want to buy CCC 5, then click here once. The purchase page is even written in German and offers the following information in addition to the price of € 36,30 and the "Order now" button:

For non-commercial use on all computers in your home. After purchasing Carbon Copy Cloner, we will send you an email with a registration key. Please note that the prices quoted do not include local taxes - these will be added and displayed during payment processing.

Installation of Carbon Copy Cloner

30 day trial version of Carbon Copy Cloner

Even if you don't order the backup program as a full version but want to test it for free first, you should go to the Bombich website. If you search Google for the backup software for the Apple Mac, you will also find links for the CCC download at CHIP, heise online, Softonic and similar portals, but you should not use them. They usually do not offer clean downloads and like to hide additional software, malware, Adware and so forth. I showed you the details in this article: Why you shouldn't download software from download portals.

A Carbon Copy Cloner Download from CHIP, heise or Softonic? Better go to the Bombich Software website.
A Carbon Copy Cloner Download from CHIP, heise or Softonic? Better go to the Bombich Software website.


The software solution from Bombich is a comprehensive and individually adaptable backup app for the Apple Mac, the iMac and the MacBook. As with SuperDuper! From Shirt Pocket you should also use the official download here in order to only get the software you are looking for for data backup and no unpleasant surprises. Then you can back up your data in peace, create a bootable hard drive copy and use other practical functions of the apps. Among the backup apps for the Mac, Appleot's Carbon Copy Cloner is a clear favorite - user-friendly, extensive and, compared to data recovery after a hard drive crash, also cheap;)

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