Mac Backup: “Carbon Copy Cloner” and “SuperDuper!” In comparison

I recently introduced you to the two backup solutions “Carbon Copy Cloner” and “SuperDuper!” For macOS on the Apple Mac. If you are looking for a short comparison to decide on one of the two programs, you will find a corresponding comparison below, in which I show you the most important features and data. For more information, screenshots and details on individual functions, I recommend the detailed articles and the developer websites.

In a nutshell: Carbon Copy Cloner and SuperDuper! compared. Which Mac backup app is best for you guys?
In a nutshell: Carbon Copy Cloner and SuperDuper! compared. Which Mac backup app is best for you guys?

Comparison: SuperDuper! and Carbon Copy Cloner

Here is the comparison or the comparison of the main features of the two programs as well as the mention of the compatible system, the price and much more. This is how you can find the most important information; For detailed research on (for you) the best backup program for the Mac, please have a look at the more detailed articles linked above superduper! and Carbon Copy Cloner ;)

superduper! Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC)
German user interface no, english ja
Automatic backups / schedule ja ja
Backup only changed data yes, possible yes, with protection from more recent versions of the files in the target
Special, program-specific features Use of scripts, sandbox mode, snapshot images of different points in time, etc. Advanced settings for copying data, for after creation, etc. Also e-mail notification when the backup is completed.
Creation of a bootable backup ja ja
Help and tips for beginners no, but simple user interface for intuitive operation ja
Compatible with High Sierra and APFS ja ja
Versions for older macOS / Mac OS X versions yes, from 10.2 Jaguar yes, from 10.8 Mountain Lion
Can be used free of charge yes, in the less extensive basic version yes, in the 30-day trial version
Price of the full version 27,95 US Dollars 36,30 Euros
Details and download Here Here

What's your favorite?

Do you prefer to use SuperDuper or CCC? Or do you use a completely different app to back up your Mac hard drive? Feel free to leave your opinion and experience as a comment under this post! :)

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10 comments on “Mac Backup: “Carbon Copy Cloner” and “SuperDuper!” compared”

  1. thanks for the helpful comparison of the two backup tools :) i would like to upgrade my current macos system (high sierra on a macbook pro with 256gb ssd with activated file vault) to mojave and to be on the safe side with super duper a bootable backup of my current system to an external one because I don't just want to rely on time machine.
    Unfortunately, the official user guide from super duper is quite old and I'm not sure whether some of the content is still correct, so I would like to ask a few things:
    * Do you have to / should you still create an extra non-file vault user account in order to be able to cleanly backup the actual system with its actual file vault account (see user guide, p. 5 f.)?
    * if my macbook ssd has 256gb, does the external disk on which i want to bake bake also have to be an ssd and does it have to be the same size?

    Thank-you :)

    1. Hello Caudia!
      I can help you with that.

      So 1st question: I'm not quite sure whether Super Duper and Carbon Copy Cloner work differently, but my internal SSD is also encrypted and can - at least with Carbon Copy Cloner - be copied without an extra user. The only thing you have to do with both programs under Mojave is that you have to give full access to the hard disk under Accessibility. However, this is explained very clearly in the backup program itself and is easy to implement. You only have to do it once ...

      To 2 .: No, the hard disks do not have to be exactly the same. You can also copy a 1 TB SSD to a 500 GB rotating hard drive if the data all fit on it (the 1 TB SSD is only occupied with 450 GB or so). The programs are very flexible there. : D

      I hope this helps you a little. I think if you want to initiate the backup manually and don't need any special features, you can work with the free version of Super Duper and see if everything works as I have described. In any case, Super Duper has never wanted anything special with me - despite FileVault encryption.

      1. thank you very much! since I'm currently still on high sierra - is it possible that there is no setting for full access to the hard drive under "accessibility"?

        1. Yes, you won't find that under Accessibility. But that's not a problem, because the programs can still do anything they want. So it will be even easier for you than under Mojave. : D

  2. Hallo,
    I just read your comparison. Thanks a lot for this.
    My question: Does the recording disk (4TB) have to be completely empty - or can it also be used by Time Machine.

    1. Hello Henning! You can basically use the same hard drive, but I would partition it so that you only use one partition for TimeMachine and a second as a 1: 1 clone backup from which you can also boot. LG!

    2. I also have no sign of “accessibility giving full access to the hard drive on Mojave 10.14.5″…….also I can’t “partition” an external hard drive (500gb) under Mojave (the field PS: my SSD Transcend is still not as APFS, upgrading to Catalina is suspicious to me, the upgrade is not suggested in the Appstore until now... like that actually

  3. So CCC is indispensable for the reason that it also offers an automated workaround for the bootability of the target on newer Macs. What good is a mirror backup if I can't boot from it? :)

    1. Hello, Jens! Thank you for your complement. I didn't even notice that CCC now offers a workaround here. When I last used it a few weeks ago, it still warned me that it can only copy the data, but the disk will not be bootable. Glad it's different now!

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