Cardiogram App: Heart data analysis via iPhone and Apple Watch

A standard set up measures every five minutes Apple Watch the wearer's heartbeat. The values ​​are then clearly, but also a bit superficial, processed in the heart rate app for the watch and the iPhone. If you want to deal more with your heart function and with possible dangers that can be determined by frequency measurement, then maybe the Cardiogram app is something for you. By participating in series of measurements and evaluations by the creators of the free app, diseases may be more easily recognized.

App for Apple Watch and iPhone provides a comprehensive measurement and evaluation of the heart rate measurement. Diseases and diseases can be recognized by heart data.” width=”620″ height=”310″ /> The Cardiogram App for Apple Watch and iPhone provides comprehensive measurement and evaluation of the pulse measurement. Illnesses and diseases can be recognized by heart data.

Cardiogram app: evaluate heart rates

The Cardiogram app for Apple Watch and iPhone collects and evaluates heartbeat data. Obvious problems such as irregularities or dropouts can be recognized at first glance. In addition, Cardiogram users can also take part in studies and be notified accordingly if the pulse measurement reveals abnormalities.

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Measure your heart rate with a smartwatch: discover diabetes earlier?

Like MacRumors, among others berichtetThe researchers behind the Cardiogram app, together with the University of California in San Francisco (UCSF), have evaluated over 200 million sensor measurement data from around 14.000 users of the app (determined by Apple Watch and Android wearable). An 85 percent accuracy was found - and by comparing some of the participants in the study, signs of "prediabetes" were determined, i.e. a preliminary stage of diabetes:

Prediabetes is a condition that often goes unnoticed and undiagnosed because traditional methods of detection require glucose-sensing hardware. Detection via the Apple Watch and an AI-based algorithm like Cardiogram's DeepHeart has the potential to alert users that there's an issue so they can then follow up with a medical professional.

More research and features

Previous research has already shown that the Apple Watch and applications such as Cardiogram can be used to detect various health problems of smartwatch wearers. These include high blood pressure, sleep apnea and atrial fibrillation. And although it could take a while before smart watches on the user's wrist can make reliable diagnoses with maximum accuracy, the Cardiogram makers are already busy planning for this future.

For those who want to find out more about the topic and perhaps take part in a Cardiogram or Apple study, I have put together a few links here:

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