Fing network scanner app for iOS: View and manage devices in the WiFi network

The Fing NetworkScanner is an iOS app for iPhone and iPad with which you can see, among other things, how many and which devices are in your WLAN network have logged in. The Fing network scanner app for iOS has many more functions. For example, you can read out the MAC address, the manufacturer of the device, its name and much more. So you can quickly find out which of your devices and which third-party computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. are in the network.

The Fing Network Scanner iOS
You can download the app from the App Store or iTunes. The combination of functionality and beautiful interface is convincing.” width=”620″ height=”290″ /> You can download the Fing Network Scanner iOS App from the App Store or iTunes. The combination of functionality and beautiful interface is convincing.

Fing network scanner app for iOS

The iPhone and iPad app Fing NetworkScanner is one of the few network apps on iOS that is not only functional but also nicely made. I have already installed some network tools on the iPhone, but most of them look a bit gritty, which does not necessarily allow any conclusions to be drawn about their usability.

Practical with the Fing app: You can use it to scan your local WLAN and the app not only shows you connected devices with IP address, but it can also use the MAC address also say which vendor the MAC address belongs to (Apple, Amazon, Samsung, etc.). Sometimes it even throws out the model name such as iPhone, iPad and the like. This is very helpful if you want to see which devices are "hanging around" in your own WiFi network.

Unregistered and registered version

The app is free, but it still offers a few "pro features" if you register (also free of charge). Then you can even set up email notifications that inform you when a new, previously unknown device becomes visible in the WLAN. This allows you to be alerted if someone has hacked into the wifi. The Fing app offers a lot more, like a port scanner and things like that, but I haven't tried those personally.

Download for iPhone and iPad

The app Fing NetworkScanner can be downloaded for free from the App Store or iTunes. The mobile program was only updated on July 26, 2017 and is now available in version 6.0.1. Use is possible under iOS 9.0 or newer in German, English, Turkish and some other languages. You can find the download here.

Network scanner programs for the Apple Mac

If you don't just want to monitor your home WLAN or the Wifi at work with your mobile iPhone and iPad, you can of course also do so with your Apple Mac, iMac or MacBook. For OS X and macOS there are among other things the programs Wifi explorer and netspot. You can read about what these apps can do for the Apple Mac and where you can get them in the corresponding article WLAN scanners for the Mac.

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