CCC 5.1.5 - Carbon Copy Cloner is ready for macOS Mojave

The Mac backup software Carbon Copy Cloner has been updated to the latest version of the Apple operating system macOS 10.14 Mojave. Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.5, or CCC 5.1.5 for short, can also be used under High Sierra to make a bootable backup - in case something goes wrong with the upgrade to the new system, data is lost or Apps no longer work afterwards. Anyone who already has a license for CCC 5 does not need to pay anything for the update of the backup software.

Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.5 is ready for macOS Mojave, APFS and the new security settings.

Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.5 is ready for macOS Mojave, APFS and the new security settings.

Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.5 - latest compatibility and new features

The Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.5 download is now available and brings you not only the advantages mentioned above but also other great features. It is also a free update for everyone who already has the latest version of the app as a full version license. All the important points of the revision are briefly listed here:

  • The CCC 5.1.5 download is now available
  • You can use it to create a bootable image of your hard drive before (and of course after) you switch to macOS Mojave
  • CCC 5.1.5 is a free update for all CCC 5 users
  • CCC 5.1 now also supports "point-in-time" resets by relying on the snapshot function of the Apple file system APFS falls back
  • Support for Mojave's privacy settings (see below)

Preparing to upgrade to Mojave

If you want to use the named app for a backup before upgrading to macOS Mojave, there are a few steps the developer recommends. In a current email about the new program version, the following measures are shown:

  1. Run CCC 5.1.5
  2. If not yet available, click in the menu under “Carbon Copy Cloner” on “Check for updates…” and update the app; then run
  3. Create a bootable backup with the program
  4. Upgrade the Apple Mac to macOS 10.14 Mojave
  5. Everything works? If not, use the backup you created to downgrade

Support for Mojave's privacy settings

MacOS Mojave has new privacy settings that prevent apps from accessing data from certain services. Among the protected programs are mail, messages, safari, photos, etc. In Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.5 there is therefore a feature with instructions that guides you through the process of granting access permission. With it you can also save your photos, your messages and Safari data as well as other protected data in the backup. 

Note for users of CCC 4

Carbon Copy Cloner 4.1.23 runs under macOS Mojave, but has not been fully tested with the new system by the developers. Correct functioning is therefore not guaranteed. The upgrade from CCC 4 to the latest version has been given a 50% discount for previous users. All information and downloads of the different versions can be found with this link.


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  1. oxide says:

    Does that mean that Carbon Copy Cloner version 4.1.23 (4644) will NOT run on macOS 10.14 Mojave anymore? I bought the software in May 2016 and so far I haven't seen why I should pay for an update again.

    I ask because I would then be looking for an alternative solution to Carbon Copy Cloner.

    By the way: is there a list somewhere which programs that run under High Sierra also run under Mojave and which do not? I still remember Apple bothering to make a list for the Snow Leopard so customers could find this not entirely unimportant information.

    • Johannes Domke says:

      Hello Oxide,

      As described in the article, the CCC version you mentioned runs under Mojave - there is just no 100 percent guarantee of full functionality (see last paragraph of the article). For users of this version, the upgrade to the current 5 version is 50% cheaper; So instead of € 35,40 it costs only € 17,70. I think that the data security and a bootable backup as well as the other features of the software can be worth it.

      There are lists here and there of apps that run on High Sierra but are no longer compatible on Mojave. For example here at Macworld UK. Of course, in addition to Apple apps and software from large providers and a broad user base, not all small and medium-sized titles are listed. So if you want to know whether smaller or lesser known programs are still running under Mojave, then it can also help to simply write to the developer and ask him directly.

      Good luck!

      Best regards

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