Mobile phone on the beach: tips and tricks to stow away your smartphone safely while on vacation

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Summer is just around the corner and you're sure to take your smartphone with you on vacation to take and share pictures on the beach, in the mountains, in towns and villages. But how is the cell phone safe on the beach and when traveling? What can you do to prevent iPhone and other valuables as well as car keys, money, sunglasses and so on from being stolen on the beach? If you get in the water and have to leave your stuff alone, there are quite a few tricks and ways to secure these things. I made a list of the best tricks for you;)

Storing your cell phone / smartphone, money and valuables safely on the beach? Here you will find the best tips for the security of your iPhone and more by the sea.
Storing your cell phone / smartphone, money and valuables safely on the beach? Here you will find the best tips for the security of your iPhone and more by the sea.

Tips and tricks: hide your cell phone safely on the beach

If you want to keep your iPhone, Android smartphone or mobile phone safe and secure against theft on the beach or in other places on vacation, then there are a few tricks. In addition to the cell phone, these also apply to your money, your car keys and so on. Here is a small list of simple tricks and tips for the beach (no guarantee):

  • Pack your smartphone or mobile phone and bury it in the sand under the towel / blanket
  • Disguise cell phone, money and valuables as something else (ideas see below) and easily hide them (under a towel, etc.)
  • Do not keep money, smartphones and the like in the noble handbag; Don't even take them with you
  • It's best to take the shabbiest bag with you to the beach so it looks like there's nothing to get from you
  • With large groups: split up and go into the water in layers, so to speak, so that some can always watch

If you're looking for a waterproof case for your cell phone or iPhone that also keeps sand out (so you can bury your phone in the sand), then this might be an idea. On the product page you can also choose a double pack and order two at the same time:

No products found.

Disguise your smartphone and other valuables

Instead of burying your cell phone, your money and other valuables on the beach and then perhaps forgetting them (by the way, people always come with the metal detectors in the morning), you can simply camouflage your belongings and leave them lying around. For example, there are hiding spots on Amazon that look like bottles of sunscreen. You can put your valuables in these and basically leave them directly on the towel or the blanket (in the shade!) - because no one will steal sun milk;)

TanSafe beach safe
  • TanSafe Looks like any ordinary bottle of sunscreen
  • TanSafe is actually a waterproof beach safe designed to keep valuables safe
  • For credit cards, keys, cash and cell phones

But there are also other hiding spots - not just bottles of suntan lotion, but also fake ones Ravioli tins or cans in which sauerkraut is apparently slumbering. Admittedly, not the best idea for the beach, but certainly a good idea for the holiday home, mobile home or tent (during the festival) ...

0,79 EUR
Diversion safe "Mildessa WeinSauerkraut" for hiding keys, money, cash and...
  • Coin box safe for hiding keys, cash, jewelry and other valuables.
  • Unscrewable can lid.
  • Deceptive authenticity: Mildessa sauerkraut 800 g can.

And one last product that I want to rub under your nose: fake Rockstar Energy Drink cans. These can be screwed on and off. So you can stow your valuables once in this box and thus also in the freezer or similar. So money, keys, ID and Co are not noticeable in the refrigerator of the motorhome or the holiday apartment;)

Can safe Can safe Money stash Rockstar Energy Drink, 16,0 x 6,5 cm, assorted colors
75 reviews

Pack your iPhone waterproof and take it into the water

As shown above, there are covers and bags for cell phones, money and other valuables that are waterproof. So if you don't want to stow your stuff in a sunscreen bottle but want to take it with you into the water, then use a bag like this. Above I showed you one of the cheapest products, which is still good and very good rated. But here are still three alternatives:

  • EOTW IPX8, waterproof, dustproof, with simple tape: Order here
  • EOTW IPX8, waterproof bag with fastening system: buy here
  • Power Theory, waterproof iPhone case, rated very well: order here

Pro tip: Absolutely no valuables are stolen from the beach

You already guessed it: the only thing you can do so that nothing can fall into theft on the beach is not to take valuables with you to the beach. Grab a towel, a pair of slip-ons, a book, maybe a small radio (with headphones) and something to drink. If you want to stay longer, then have a snack ... and of course sunscreen. Real sun cream, no hiding place for iPhone and Co: D That should be enough; You can tell others about it or surf on Facebook / Twitter later.

What's your tip, what are your best hiding spots for valuables on the beach? Feel free to leave a comment!

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