Charger for the Kindle - recommended accessory

Kindle charger
Kindle charger

If you want to charge your Kindle quickly, you can't avoid this charger (Photo: Amazon).

Well, the Kindle is usually very rarely empty - at least when you look at the [eReader-> kindle-ereader] or Paperwhite limited to reading. But when it is empty, you have to connect it to the computer's [USB port-> usb], since the standard scope of delivery does not include a charger.

Another advantage that this charging connector offers is the speed at which the Amazon Kindle is charged. This is even possible with the [Kindle Fire-> kindle-fire] in under 5 hours.

It is important, however, that the USB charging cable is still available, as this is not included in the scope of delivery of the power supply unit. Since the power supply has a normal USB output, the device can also be used to charge other smartphones, tablets, [Powerbanks-> powerbank] or headphones. To do this, you simply swap the charging cable for the cable from the other device and the charging orgy can begin. In my case it also works as a charger for iPad and iPhone.

You could also consider whether to use the [Apple charger for the new iPad-> charger-ipad] because of the output power, as this also has a USB output and offers another 3 watts more output power.

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