Inexpensive replacement battery for the Samsung Galaxy S2

Additional battery for the Galaxy SII
Additional battery for the Galaxy SII

This additional battery is suitable for use in the Samsung Galaxy S2 (Photo:

One can argue whether one would prefer to use the original manufacturer's battery or a replica. Ultimately, however, you always pay a certain surcharge for the name at the manufacturer. And if the cheap battery has the same capacity or even more than the original and then costs about half the original, then you can't go wrong. For this reason, here is my recommendation for an inexpensive additional battery for the Samsung Galaxy S2: The replacement battery from Akku-King.

The replacement battery replaces these with the model names EB-F1A2G and EB-F1A2GBUCSTD. They usually fit into these smartphone models: [Samsung Galaxy S2-> samsung-galaxy-s2] i9100 SGS 2 (GT-I9100 LKADBT) / I9100G / I9100T, Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus i9105P, Samsung Galaxy R i9103 (GT- I9103MAADBT). According to the manufacturer, the replacement battery even offers 10% more capacity than the original - one more reason to take a closer look at this power dispenser.

The Customer ratings on Amazon can confirm the longer battery life due to the higher capacity and otherwise the battery only gets a few bad ratings and many 5-star ratings.

Akku-King replacement battery for Samsung Galaxy S II
With 1800 mAh, the battery offers even more capacity than the original and, according to the manufacturer, is not a cheap product but is manufactured and tested according to modern EU standards.
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