Christmas gift tips for children 2019

As the dad of two children (9 and 11 years old) I have been looking for suitable Christmas gifts for a while and would like to show you my selection of presents that I liked. My daughter is a hardworking hobbyist and puzzler and my son loves Minecraft. Accordingly, the list tends to focus on certain areas;) If you still have recommendations for this or other interests, please leave a comment with your personal Christmas gift tip for children!

Christmas Gifts Tips for Kids 2019 - Crafts, Brain Teasers, Playing Minecraft and Reading Funny Books; there is a gift for the child for all preferences! Here you will find gift ideas from paper to board games to Minecraft stories and
Terrariashirts.” width=”1024″ height=”484″ /> Christmas gift tips for kids 2019 - crafts, puzzles, playing Minecraft and reading fun books; there is a gift for the child for all preferences! Here you will find gift ideas from paper to board games to Minecraft stories and Terraria- Shirts.

Create paper with a cosmos set

Making paper is an old craftsmanship that can also be conveyed in today's technological world. For children from 7 years there is this paper-making set. It not only contains a scooping frame with sieve insert and nets, but also a squeezing tool, a string and five colored tablets. The latter are useful when the kids make paper from waste paper and don't just want gray results;)

KOSMOS 659066 - paper-scooping
  • Experimental area research boxes: nature
  • Warning: Caution For household use only
  • Target group: Primary school

Plaster of paris bandages for handicrafts

Mood at first sight these plaster bandages maybe like building material; but they can bring a lot of joy into the house. We used it to model our hands and faces when I was a child. It was always great fun! But figures can also be modeled with it. They can certainly also be used for model making. The imagination knows no limits ;)

Artidee CREARTEC - plaster bandages / modeling bandages - very hard-wearing - are ideal ...
  • Content: 1kg - Color: White
  • are ideal for body impressions
  • different sizes in the pack

Minecraft sticker book

My daughter can enjoy stickers forever and often makes little stories out of them. With over 500 stickers and impressions of the video game of the same name is this Minecraft sticker book therefore exactly the right thing. In addition to the free gluing according to your mood, the sticker book also offers options for solving tasks and other instructions.

Minecraft books by Mark Cheverton

My son loves these adventure storiesall of which are based in the Minecraft world. Individual stories are divided into several parts or volumes, which is important to note when buying. In the linked list you will always find the information about which volume ("Bd.") It is in the product name. 

Minecraft books by Cube Kid

Not enough of Minecraft books yet? Then you will find supplies here. The Cube Kid books (“Diary of a Noobs” in several volumes) are written super funny and are definitely fun for fans. A good change from gaming on the screen and also something to dive into your favorite game on the go or under the Christmas tree;)

Puzzle games from Smart Games

The various games from this brand offer puzzle fun for young and old. We already have a few of them - they are all beautifully designed and will give you long-term pleasure. You can find the whole selection in Smart Games Amazon Shop. On the product pages of the games shown there, there are further details, such as information on the recommended age, etc. 

Smart Games - IQ Puzzler Pro, Puzzle Game with 120 Challenges, 3 Playing Modes, 8+ Years
  • Smart Games IQ Puzzler PRO SG455
  • Contents: 1 pieces
  • Suitable for everyone aged 6 and over

Funny board game "Pig Hole"

A wooden box, several ceramic pigs and a dice - the winner is whoever gets rid of his pigs first. That in a nutshell describes the funny thing "Pig Hole" board game. The game is recommended for ages 6 and up; instructions are of course included. My experience with it: You learn the game in a few seconds and it is also fun for young people and adults. Luck does matter, but you can also gamble at risk.

5,00 EUR
LOGOPLAY Pig Hole - Big Hole pig game - dice game - parlor game - board game made of ...
  • FUNNY PIG GAME: Pig Hole is a fun dice game for 2 to 6 players with 60 lovingly crafted ...
  • BOARD GAME WITH NOBLE WOODEN BOX: In this wooden game, the winner is whoever is first to ...
  • BEAUTIFUL GIFT IDEA: Whether for Christmas, Easter, a birthday, traveling or just like that, this wonderful ...

Bao Bao - game with semiprecious stones

The Board game "Bao Bao" is a strategy game for two players who want to move something other than chess pieces;) With a little bit of tactics and a little bit of chance you can reach your goal here; it's also more relaxing than chess. You can also win if you leave everything to chance. Therefore, the game is suitable even for younger children.

LOGOPLAY Hus - Bao - Kalaha - Mancala - stone game - gemstone game made of Samena wood incl....
  • Exciting strategy game for 2 players
  • Solid wood version made of dark seed wood including precious stones 10-20 mm
  • We only use wood from environmentally friendly plantation cultivation

Puzzle blocks for children

Puzzle blocks are always a great change from other games and apps on the display of computer devices. In addition, they can be used without any problems and as quiet occupation. My children can spend a lot of time with it - very good for waiting times at doctors or other places. You can find a selection of different designs with this link.

Puzzle block from 7 years - Volume 1: Colorful puzzle fun for children - crossword puzzle, labyrinth,...
  • Dimensions: 21 x 14,8 x 1 CM (L x W x H) Weight: 253,000 G
  • Agnes Spiecker (Author)

"1000 Dangers" books for children

My daughter is definitely not a bookworm and doesn't like books, but those "1000 Dangers" books loves her because in the book you can decide how the story continues. With every decision the tension increases and with the second or third reading you can always break new ground. There are different volumes from different subject areas. 

"Lonely Wolf" - role play for one person

If you have teenagers or nerdy adolescents as children, then instead of the 1000-danger books you can also give away "more grown-up" stories, the course and outcome of which can be determined by yourself. Fighting, looting and leveling are, for example, in the "Lone Wolf" playbooks by Joe Dever. A little tip: order a D10 die (or a RPG dice set) with this, then the random table of the book does not have to be used;)

Lonely Wolf 01 - Escape from the Dark: Fantasy Game Book
211 reviews

Minecraft t-shirt

If you are a fan of the video game, you naturally also dress accordingly. For example with this Minecraft t-shirt. It can be chosen for different ages; from 5 to 15 years everything is included. You can also choose from four different colors: white, black, blue and green.

Minecraft Boys Minecraft Short Sleeve T-Shirt Black T-Shirt (11-12 years)
  • Super boys Minecraft short sleeve t-shirt
  • Minecraft print with all of your favorite letters on the front of this fabulous t-shirt
  • Awesome design featuring Steve, creeper, zombie and more!

Terraria t-shirts

Terraria is similar to Minecraft, but has more special equipment, enemies, and more wit. My kids love it as much as Minecraft, and of course they have a t-shirt of it in their closet too. There are A large selection and there is something for every type of fan. In addition to short-sleeved shirts, sweaters are also included.

Terraria - Boss Rush: Hardmode Edition Pullover Hoodie
  • Boss Rush: Hardmode Edition items are perfect for fans of Terraria or anyone who loves cool video game clothes ...
  • Part of the official Terraria merchandise line from Re-Logic, the creators of Terraria! If you are a Terraria fan ...
  • 8.5 oz, Classic cut, double stitched hem

Minecraft manual for ...

The "Manual for ..." series offers an introduction to Minecraft for every type of game as well as the opportunity for more experienced players to deepen their knowledge in individual areas. My children are always looking for recipes there, learning things about certain items of equipment or enemies and are always rummaging around for anything else worth knowing about their favorite game.

Minecraft, guide for explorers
  • schoolbooks
  • Age recommendation: from 1 to 99 years
  • school supplies
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