Christmas present for girlfriend: the 10 best gift ideas for women

Christmas 2016: The 10 best gift ideas for your girlfriend (Graphic: Sir Apfelot).

Gifts for women, which you can hand over at Christmas 2016, can be found here. Even if your girlfriend, wife or best friend is celebrating a birthday soon, you can pick up gift ideas here. Depending on what preferences, hobbies and interests your girlfriend has, I have put together 10 gift ideas for women with which you will definitely score. These "Women gifts“Of course, how could it be otherwise on this blog, come from the fields of technology and nerd stuff. Still, it is practical and beautiful gift ideas for your girlfriend for Christmas.

Christmas 2016: The 10 best gift ideas for your girlfriend (Graphic: Sir Apfelot).

Christmas 2016: The 10 best gift ideas for your girlfriend (Graphic: Sir Apfelot).

1. Power bank with 2.000 mAh in the shape of a unicorn

Are you still young or should your wife, when she travels a lot, feel like a girl with princess fantasies, then give her this power bank for free. The unicorn power bank is cheap and practical at the same time, the ideal gift for your girlfriend for Christmas. On the Amazon page you can also choose other Emoji Powerbanks;)

Unicorn power bank with 2.000 mAh
For the iPhone and other smartphones, 2.000 mAh offer more than a complete charge of the battery. This Christmas present for your girlfriend is therefore ideal when she is on the go a lot.

2. Scratch the world map as a gift for a friend who likes to travel

As a bestseller in its category, this item is the perfect gift for your girlfriend if she likes to travel and get to know other countries. She can simply scratch off the states she has already visited on this map. On the article page you will find different colors so that the gift for the friend also meets her taste.

Scratch World Map Limited Edition 2016
This Christmas present for your girlfriend is ideal if she likes to travel or maybe you are planning a trip around the world together. So you can scratch off the visited countries together and remember the trip.

3. Foot massage device for foot baths with foot reflexology

Sure, a list of gift ideas for women should of course not be missing - if only to serve clichés - a wellness gift. If you are looking for a present for your wife or girlfriend so that she can switch off from work, family, everyday life and you, then this device is the right one. You are welcome to pack a voucher stating that you will fill and provide the footbath device for one year on request ... but that's up to you;)

Grundig FM 4020 foot massage device
This Christmas present for women (or men) pampers the body parts that your loved ones wear through the day. In addition, a foot reflexology massage has a positive effect on the body and mind.

4. Fertility monitor for couples who want to become pregnant

Do you want to buy your girlfriend a practical Christmas present that can be used for family planning? Then the Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor could be the one for you. But clarify the desire for children beforehand and do not try to surprise with this unusual gift idea at Christmas!

Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor
1.259 Reviews
Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor
The perfect gift for a girlfriend or wife if you are planning to have children. In case of doubt, it can also be used for contraception - but without guarantee! Definitely a fancy Christmas present for your girlfriend.

5. Camera lenses for iPhone and other smartphones

If your bride and groom likes to take photos with their smartphone, then this Christmas present can both surprise them and make them happy. With the different lenses for the iPhone camera, different effects and zooms are conjured up. A great gift for women who like to post on Instagram etc. You can find more lenses in this article.

MEMTEQ 8 in 1 clip for iPhone camera
Various lenses for the iPhone camera with fisheye, wide angle, micro and polarizing filters. The ideal Christmas present for photo-savvy friends with a penchant for Apple smartphones.

6. Star Wars BB-8 stainless steel stud earrings

For cliché reasons, jewelry should not be missing from a list of gifts for girlfriends. Whether for Christmas, a birthday or an anniversary: ​​if your friend is a Star Wars fan (and if she has pierced ears), then these stud earrings are a cool gift idea. By the way, if the new trilogy doesn't appeal to them, then there is R2-D2 as ear studs.

7. Syllable D900 MINI sports headphones

These sports headphones are inexpensive and yet have a wide range of functions. You can't compete with the Apple AirPods in this field, but they don't fall out of your ears while jogging. More info I have here for you (and here an expensive alternative). A good idea as a present for the wife or girlfriend who likes to do sports.

Syllable D900 MINI
The Syllable D900 MINI sports headphones are ideal as a Christmas present for the wife or girlfriend if they would like to listen to music while doing sports.

8. Four love films in one gift set

Now we come to the next standard recommendation on the list of gift ideas for girlfriend, wife, best friend or acquaintance: love films. You can and should look at them in pairs, which is what the time “between the years” invites you to do. So a good Christmas present for both of you. The set contains the films Actually love, Love doesn't need a vacation, If love were that easy and Mamma Mia.

All love DVD box with 4 love films
The Christmas present for your girlfriend if she likes romances. Love films are also nice to watch together. Actually love is also a true Christmas classic.

9. Hand warmers as a present for your girlfriend

And of course it shouldn't be just any hand warmer for Christmas. The hand warmer proposed here by purital comes with four heating levels (up to 48 ° C!) as well as the function as a power bank! The performance of the power bank is given as 5.600 mAh, the operation of the device is intuitive.

purital pocket warmer with four heating levels
On the lowest heating level, one side of the hand warmer is heated, the running time is up to 8 hours. At the highest heating level, both sides are heated and the running time is specified as up to 4 hours.

10. ... everything that you wish for yourself.

If you are not quite sure what to give your girlfriend or wife for Christmas, then give her an Amazon voucher. With this she can choose something herself from this list - or what she wants for herself but has not told you. In any case, this is a pretty safe Christmas present for your loved one.

Amazon gift voucher for Christmas
15.296 Reviews
Amazon gift voucher for Christmas
Whether girlfriend, wife, best friend or mom: this Amazon voucher in matching Christmas packaging is ideal (also as a last-minute gift).

Conclusion on gift ideas for the girlfriend or women in general

Christmas gifts for women are as numerous and varied as the grains of sand by and in the sea. Hopefully with this list I was able to give you a little insight into the world of gift ideas for women. It's not quite as nerdy as the list of gifts for men - if you still have tips, please add them below as a comment.

If this list didn't really convince you because your girlfriend doesn't fit the stereotype of a woman, then just take a look at my list of gift ideas for boyfriends! ;)


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