Clean PS4 (Pro) fans without loss of warranty - the best tips

On the PlayStation 3 from Sony, the fan cleaning could be triggered by a key combination. With the PlayStation 4 (Pro), on the other hand, you have to run it manually. How you can clean the PS4 fans and PS4 Pro fans without having to worry about a loss of warranty, I'll explain that to you below. In addition, of course, there is also the option of unscrewing the device in order to more meticulously free the interior of dust and possibly foreign bodies - but here the guarantee is in any case void. If you no longer have a guarantee on the console anyway, but want to end loud fan noises and performance drops, it can be worthwhile;)

Instructions for cleaning the PS4 (Pro) fan without loss of warranty can be found here. You can also leave more tips and tricks for cleaning the PlayStation 4 fan as a comment;)
Instructions for cleaning the PS4 (Pro) fan without loss of warranty can be found here. You can also leave more tips and tricks for cleaning the PlayStation 4 fan as a comment;)

This is how the PS3 fan cleaning works with the power and eject button

With the PlayStation 3 (Sony console from 2007), the fans could be cleaned without unscrewing, compressed air spray or dust blower. According to Instructions went to Reddit and does it with these simple steps using a keyboard shortcut:

  1. Switch off the console at the corresponding switch
  2. Hold down the eject button
  3. Switch the console back on using the on / off switch
  4. The fans spin up and blow out the dust
  5. Wait for the beep-beep sound, then turn off the console

The same Reddit entry asks whether there is such a procedure (whether as a feature or a bug) with the PlayStation 4. According to one answer, that's not the case with the 2013 Sony console; and according to my research not even with the PlayStation 4 Pro from 2016, 2017 or 2018.

Clean PS4 fan with dust blower and Q-Tips (warranty retained)

If you are still moving with your video game console within the warranty period, then you should not unscrew it without a pinch. If it is completely covered with dust and does not work without high speeds and overheating even in low-performance games, then a thorough cleaning can be the solution - but first you can try the following steps:

  1. Switch off the PS4 (Pro) and disconnect from the power supply and other cables
  2. Use a lever (plastic or wooden spatula or folding rule to avoid scratches) to remove the top cover
  3. Remove the coarse dust and lint with a vacuum cleaner on a low level
  4. If necessary, carefully clean the fan and the ventilation slots on the sides with cotton swabs
  5. For complete cleaning (also inside) blow through the PS4 / PS4 Pro with a blower (through the ventilation slots so that the air exits the fans)

I copied a bit from these instructions on PlayStationInfo. You come to the corresponding contribution of the console professionals with this link. The one integrated there Video on the topic you will also find embedded in the following. My advice: I would not start with the cotton swabs when cleaning the PlayStation, as these may be used to transport the loose dust, lint and crumbs into the console. So better start with the vacuum cleaner / blower;)

Cordless blower and environmentally friendly cotton swabs

Canned compressed air sprays are not entirely sustainable, and plastic cotton swabs are certainly not. That's why I would advise you to use a dust blower that runs on electricity like a hair dryer. In addition to their longevity, the electric dust blowers also have the advantage that their strength does not decrease. I already gave you an example last year with the CompuCleaner dust blower shown. A wireless alternative is this OPOLAR device represents that it is equipped with a 6.000 mAh battery.

With regard to cotton swabs, it is also long time to move away from plastic models. We all know that environmental pollution has reached extreme levels. Therefore, the local view should be directed towards compostable alternatives. For example, you can get biodegradable Q-Tips in this affordable package. If you want to switch to it completely and convince your family and friends of it, maybe this set something for you :D

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