Clever refueling - still the best refueling app?

There are now various fuel apps for the iOS operating system on the iPhone, iPadOS on the iPad and also for the Apple Watch with watchOS with a fuel price comparison, favorites list, map with petrol station display and more. At the forefront for some time has been Clever refueling App (or in its own spelling). There is competition with Bertha, 1-2-3 refueling, more refueling, ADAC fuel prices and the like. If you look at the reviews of users, there are no clear favorites.

Clever refueling, ADAC fuel prices, 1-2-3 refueling or another iPhone or iPad app to find cheap gasoline / diesel? Here you will find interesting offers!

Clever refueling, ADAC fuel prices, 1-2-3 refueling or another iPhone or iPad app to find cheap gasoline / diesel? Here you will find interesting offers!

What does a good tank app have to offer?

Above all, a modern tank app for the smartphone or tablet must show an overview of the petrol stations in the region. A list helps to compare the price of the required fuel type (super, diesel and their derivatives). A map also helps to drive to the nearest petrol station with cheap fuel. If the opening times of the establishment are also given, the app is almost perfect. It will be when it is free and ad-free - after all, you download it to save money and not to spend more money. 

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Clever refueling and other good gas station apps

The (most) mentioned features are bundled together Clever refueling App. In the free version it does contain advertising, but after filling the tank once, the one-time in-app purchase to remove the advertising pays for itself (currently € 2,29). The average rating in the app store is also 4,6 out of 5. 

The same rating offers the ADAC fuel prices App that is completely free and ad-free. It offers all functions and advantages and users like to give it good reviews. Also the Bertha The Mercedes Benz app is free, well-rated and has a nice scope. However, some users are currently reporting bugs and functional failures; this will surely be fixed at some point with updates.

[appbox appstore id300763441]

[appbox appstore id675634893]

[appbox appstore id1427658183]

more-refueling, 1-2-3 refueling, and

In this sequence, there are other applications for finding and controlling petrol stations with low petrol and diesel prices. The example more-refuel has a rating of 4,6 and is available for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Map, navigation, price development as a graph and a mascot called "Flizzi" - unfortunately all of this comes with a subscription model. 

The 4,5 out of 5 star rating also works with subscriptions 1-2-3 refueling App. The question here is whether the price is worth it in comparison with the free offers. Speaking of free; The The app is free, but not as extensive and graphically not as appealing as the aforementioned examples; therefore only rated with an average of 3,8.

[appbox appstore id395965464]

[appbox appstore id688981330]

[appbox appstore id796339889]

Which app do you use when you need to refuel? Or do you rather recommend the apps of the railways and public transport companies because you are more likely to travel by bus, train, etc.? Feel free to leave a comment with your favorites for traveling;)



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  1. LeoP says:

    It is possible that the ADAC fuel prices app no ​​longer exists because I cannot find it in the iPhone app store.

    • Sir Apfelot says:

      Hello LeoP! I can find the app on my iPhone App Store. I just searched for "ADAC fuel prices" and found the app.

      • LeoP says:

        There are several fuel price apps on my iPhone 6s in the App Store, but at least not the one from ADAC. Maybe it's my device ...

        Thanks anyway for all the good information!

        • Sir Apfelot says:

          It could be that the app list depends on whether the apps support your current iOS. Some old iPhone models cannot use the current iOS 13.

  2. Renato says:


    I have been using the “Mehr-Tank” app for years and am actually very satisfied with it. So far, I hadn't noticed any functional restrictions or subscription model?!? Now I've checked the app: I'm only promised free advertising for the “Premium” subscription, but no additional functions?! ?? Perhaps as an “early bird” I will still be able to enjoy other conditions ???

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