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As part of the big topic of data protection and the EU GDPR, which has been in force since the end of May 2018, the search for good newsletter software or a reliable mailing service provider who takes data protection-compliant mailings seriously has become a major topic. I already have you guys here on the blog Newsletter2Go, CleverReach and rapidmail presented. This post is now about the click tip. This provider for automated e-mails, recipient management and e-mail marketing also places great emphasis on data protection and advertises with "Made in Germany" - I have myself the provider side times and you summarized the most important information.

Sending newsletters, starting e-mail campaigns and using the mailing for different target groups - this and much more is possible with the Klick-Tipp newsletter software. Click tip

Sending newsletters, starting e-mail campaigns and using the mailing for different target groups - this and much more is possible with the Klick-Tipp newsletter software.

Click tip: E-mail lists as a hook

The homepage of the newsletter service provider already gives a lot of information about the possibilities that arise with the use of the offer. At the beginning, the clearly illustrated page deals with the "e-mail list mess" that can quickly arise in companies, blogs, associations and so on when several target groups come together for information and updates in a short time. Customers and affiliates are in the foreground in the click-tip example. By simply assigning and assigning tags, both groups - even further divided into subgroups - can be supplied with individual newsletters.

Interfaces of the Klick-Tipp ContactCloud

But not only the mere mailing for passing on information, recruiting new customers or informing affiliates is part of the offer. The so-called Klick-Tipp ContactCloud offers numerous interfaces for the integration of content, offers and forwarding. These services are named per infographic:

  • Forms: Webinaris, WordPress, TYPO3, Drupal, Joomla, Contao
  • Social media: Facebook
  • Payment providers: PayPal, Cleverbridge, Affilicon, Digistore24, Share * it
  • Shops: Magento, xt Commerce, PRESTA Shop, OXIO, and more
The Klick Tipp ContactCloud offers API interfaces for a wide variety of services from forms and social media to eCommerce platforms.

The Klick Tipp ContactCloud offers API interfaces for a wide variety of services from forms and social media to eCommerce platforms.

Follow up emails

Klick-Tipp also offers mailings designed for target groups with so-called follow-up mails. Mail sequences set up by the user, i.e. several info or newsletters that are to be spread over different days / weeks, are sent individually. Data on the opening and click rate of previous emails are included in the calculation for the perfect point in time for each customer group. In and of itself a clever method not only to reach the recipient at the right time, but also to increase your own click, read and sales rates.

Split testing for more sales

Split testing, also known as split testing or AB test, works not only on Facebook and YouTube, but also with emails. Klick-Tipp offers split testing by email for this purpose. On the Homepage of the provider this is shown with different subject lines or subjects of the sent e-mail: one e-mail for 1.000 recipients reads "Get a € 10 voucher now" and the other "Only today: get € 10 voucher". Over a certain period of time, it is then checked which email is clicked more often. This "wins" the test and is rolled out to the remaining contacts or is therefore used as a template for future campaigns. The split test can also be combined with follow-up emails.

Email analytics for measurable success

Like the providers of newsletter software and online services of this kind mentioned above, Klick-Tipp also offers various analysis tools for viewing click and read statistics. Other key figures such as cancellations, bounces, Browser-Views and so on are compiled in charts, diagrams or tables so that you can get a clear insight into the success or failure of your own newsletter and mail marketing campaigns.

Further services and offers as well as prices

Like the other providers, Klick-Tipp advertises, among other things, that the mails created with this service look good regardless of the system. From Windows PCs to Apple Macs to smartphones and tablets, the newsletters and campaigns should be well received. In addition, other advantages of the provider are highlighted.

Services and offers

In addition to the functions, services and options already mentioned above, Klick-Tipp also offers a so-called Facebook list building. This is based on a Facebook opt-in page, on which the contacts gained are included in the mailing and can thus also be addressed. In addition, individual registration forms and buttons can be created, through which interested parties can also be entered directly into the mailing list via Facebook. Furthermore, by integrating the appropriate plug-ins, Klick-Tipp ensures meaningful landing pages that match the emails sent. And, and, and - the spectrum presented on the provider side is really extensive.


Klick-Tipp offers four different packages that offer a wide range of services and options as well as different prices, of course. The prices also depend on whether you want to pay flexibly on a monthly basis or opt for a one-year or two-year subscription. What you get for it, I have summarized for you in excerpts below:

Standard Premium Deluxe Enterprise
Refund warranty 30 days 30 days 30 days no
ContactCloud for recipient sorting ja ja ja ja
Tags for assigning groups ja ja ja ja
Knowledge for mailing as well as insider tips ja ja ja ja
Max. Contacts 10.000 10.000 10.000 1.000.000
Email split testing no for newsletters for newsletters and follow-ups for newsletters and follow-ups
API interface no ja ja ja
Mail server no no no up to 60
Email countdowns 1 3 5 infinite
Price (monthly) 27 € 47 € 67 € from € 149
Price (annually) 25 € 42 € 60 € from € 134
Price (two years) 20 € 35 € 50 € from € 119

Information in the imprint: but not "Made in Germany"?

The Klick-Tipp website is completely in good German and German contact details are also available. In addition, the provider of newsletter software advertises on the homepage with the label "Made in Germany". However, if you look in the legal notice, you will find a data protection officer based in Germany (you can therefore assume the implementation of the GDPR), but the company itself is probably located in London, in the United Kingdom. If you click through the page a little more, you will get a hint under "Career" that there are also offices in Berlin. In this respect, there is a German "branch office" and the service is therefore made for the local market in Germany.


All in all, Klick-Tipp also offers a wide range of options for everyone who wants to send out newsletters professionally and with measurable success, do email marketing and address different target groups individually. If you are not quite sure which newsletter software you should use, then take a look at the above-mentioned competitors from Klick-Tipp - Newsletter2Go, CleverReach and rapidmail. They are also based in Germany and implement the EU GDPR so that you are completely protected.

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