Online banking with the Commerzbank app: Commerzbanking via smartphone

Commerzbanking made easy

Online banking has become enormously easier in recent years thanks to mobile applications such as the Commerzbank app; The term “Commerzbanking” has become firmly established among users. The Commerzbank app and the Commerzbank photoTAN app for generating TAN codes enjoy consistently positive reviews from users. In this post, we take a look behind the scenes to check whether Commerzbank has actually developed a secure, trustworthy and user-friendly application.

Commerzbanking: Manage your Commerzbank account via the app

As the commercial banking Bank and customers refer to the online banking at this credit institution. Managing the account, transactions, standing orders, personal data and other important things via smartphone is the norm in 2017. However, the security must also be right; and the usability of the smartphone program is also reflected in the bank's reputation. Everything seems to be right here. But let's take a closer look ...

commercial banking
The current Commerzbank logo, under which Commerzbanking also takes place. Image: Commerzbank AG

An overview of the functions of the Commerzbank app

In addition to normal functions with regard to the current account, overnight money or fixed-term deposits, various other actions are also possible with the mobile program. In addition to calling up the account balance and carrying out transactions, it is also possible, for example, to view credit card sales. These are the most important functions of the Commerzbank app at a glance:

  • Fast registration via fingerprint / Face ID
  • Retrieve the mailbox with bank statements, credit card statements and security documents
  • Overview of the actual status and developments on all accounts and custody accounts
  • Execution of securities transactions and transfers (including photo transfers) and real-time transfers
  • Management of the card: changing the PIN and blocking the account
  • Get credit card sales
  • Display of prices on the stock market
  • Trade securities
  • Find Commerzbank branches and ATMs nearby
  • Appointments will soon be possible via the app (according to the Commerzbank website)
  • Query of emergency numbers

With its electronic banking business, Commerzbank has declared war on the paperwork and the associated waste of paper. In the app, customers should not only find all documents at a glance, they should also be able to easily save them and, if necessary, also be able to print them.

A new function should also be to use the app in private mode. This makes it possible to use the app on the go and hide the account balance from prying eyes.

Commerzbanking with extensive access: that's what the program wants to know

Online banking is convenient and comes with Apps made very simple like the one described here. But you can already guess from the branch and vending machine finder alone that, for example, the location of the device used is retrieved. So if you always want to find the nearest Commerzbank branch anywhere in Germany, you have to accept location access.

Commerzbanking made easy
Commerzbanking made easy? Apparently no problem with the Commerzbank app ... Image: Commerzbank AG

Overall, these authorizations are queried (quote from the download page, revised):

  • Camera: for photo transfers, for reading transfer slips or QR codes
  • Microphone and Bluetooth: to use the call-from-the-app function
  • Location approval: to search for ATMs and branches
  • Storage: to save your personalization of the account display in the app
  • Telephone: to call customer service directly and not to lose the existing session with incoming calls
  • Network status and change: the app needs an internet connection to the bank, in order to check the existence of a connection we need the right to view the network status
  • Referrer: The app asks the store where the installation was initiated from

Note (May 2021): You can now see directly in the iOS App Store which data an app requires of you. Apple has made it a standard that developers must specify what privacy standards their programs have.

New payment methods

Recently, the Commerzbank app also made it possible for customers to pay with Google Pay and Apple Pay, which is intended to simplify cashless payments. To do this, the Commerzbank credit card must be added to Google Pay. It is similar with Apple Pay, here the Commerzbank credit card has to be added to the Apple Wallet. With Apple Pay, payments can also be made via Face ID or Touch ID. According to the Commerzbank website, customers don't have to worry about their data here either. Customers who pay via Google or Apple Pay should nevertheless be aware that in addition to the date and time, the location of the retailer and the goods purchased are noted.

Payment via Garmnin Pay, i.e. payment with the smart watch, is also possible. Payment for the weekly shopping is literally possible in no time at all. However, the Garnim Pay app is also required for this. Fitbit Pay, which is also payment via the fitness tracker, makes payment "from the wrist" possible. Here Commerzbank promises that the data on your own credit card will not be passed on directly to retailers or Fitbit. As with Garnim Pay, the associated app must also be installed.

The last new payment method is "Swatch Pay", which enables payment with the watch of the same name. No additional app is required for this, except for the one from Commerzbank. But as nice as these more or new payments may be, they are not yet possible in all shops, but (almost) everywhere where there are contactless payment methods.

Commerzbank app download for iOS and Android

The app is currently available for iOS and Android. No download is possible for Windows phones or laptops and the like.

Create a TAN with a separate program: The Commerzbank photoTAN app

If you want to create a TAN for Commerzbanking, you cannot do this with the app described up to now. That is in terms of general Safety the application is also a good thing. There is a separate app for generating TAN codes, which realizes the character combinations by scanning colorful QR codes.

Use of the photoTAN app from Commerzbank
Use of the photoTAN app from Commerzbank. Image: Commerzbank AG

These are the download pages where you can find more information about the program:

Customer opinions on the Commerzbank app

According to the Commerzbank website, the app has over 1,5 million users. A transfer should take a maximum of 10 seconds. So, of course, a multitude of different opinions come together.

As already mentioned at the beginning, the customer voices for this program are praiseworthy. In order to get a detailed impression, different opinions should be summarized here. It should be an overview of positive and negative voices. In order to see all ratings, however, I recommend calling up the corresponding download pages.

"Very well done APP to manage several accounts with one user.", Writes a user in his 5-star rating,"Easy to handle. The only difficulty was to set that the account statements should only be sent by email. Save a few trees ..."

However, some users also seem to have problems - and that right away when starting the App-Usage: "I have now reinstalled the app 3 times and still cannot log in with my username and password.", Writes a user in a 1-star rating,"Last year I blocked my account with it. Very annoying ... So no more possibility to make transfers etc. via mobile phone ... The bank already called me. Technical support can't help either ..."

Using the app on a tablet
Use of the app on a tablet with a customized layout. Image: Commerzbank AG

But users who can register are not always satisfied either. This is shown by the text of this 1-star rating: "The actual account balance is only displayed after approximately 4 days. Again and again technical problems that occur very often. With Sparkasse App, for example, the actual account balance is displayed immediately. I don't know why Commerzbank doesn't get that baked. [...] "

However, according to the overviews in the App and Play Store, there are mainly positive reviews. Like this one with 5 stars: "I don't know what kind of problem some have? Firstly, you don't need a second cell phone, what nonsense, and secondly, you can hand in money for free at most supermarkets. And also at every Schell petrol station. And that for free. Account movements are also displayed immediately for me. And has been for years. I'm now in Hungary and I will keep Commerzbank as a single bank. The service is great! LG G4 Android 6.0"

In 2021 too, opinions are largely positive. The most common points of criticism are:

  • Account movements are not displayed
  • Transfers do not work or are made twice
  • App crashes more frequently since the latest update

However, it should be positively emphasized that the customer service responds to many critical comments and tries to find a quick solution.

Conclusion on Commerzbanking with the Commerzbank app

On the whole, it appears to be a good program that provides the user with many features related to their accounts and other financial products. But only if it works and is used properly. The motto probably also applies here: Testing is above studying. Therefore, if you are interested, you should dare to download the app (without great expectations) and use it depending on whether it works as it should or not. You are also welcome to leave your experiences with the Commerzbank app as a comment here. Thanks!

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  1. Search in vain for a Commerzbank Phototan app for ios6.
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