Commodore C64 Book for Nerds: A Visual Foray into the Past

C64 - a visual compendium

Which C64 fan doesn't know them - the beautiful bitmap graphics of the old classic games like Impossible Mission, The Last Ninja or Bubble Bobble. My old [C64-> c64] is still in the cellar and whenever an old acquaintance comes who has the same nostalgic feelings, we unpack it and have a beer in the good old days. Amazingly, most of the disks are still readable and with Load "game name",8,1 we're back to the 80s quickly.

C64 - a visual compendium
A book for C64 nerds: "C64 - a visual compendium" has been funded via Kickstarter.

If you no longer own a C64 and still want to be taken back to the old days on the computer in the evening, you will now find a "visual compendium" with many high-quality printed graphics of classic games that used to be available on the Commodore 64. Accordingly, the title of the over Click starter funded book also "Commodore 64: a visual Commpendium", which can be found at Pre-order bitmap books can.

C64 classic games
In the high-quality printed book you can discover graphics from many great classic games - if you didn't know them, you weren't there. :)

I think the book is not cheap at just under 30 GBP including shipping from UK to Germany, but definitely a great gift idea for a C64 nerd if there is an opportunity for a present.

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