Comparison: Alleged iPhone 15 Pro (2023) vs. iPhone 14 Pro (2022)

In the past few weeks and months, there have been a variety of rumors from a variety of sources regarding the Apple iPhone 15 Pro. We haven't picked all of them here at Sir Apfelot, just throwing in a few tidbits from the rumor mill every now and then. Before now probably on September 12, 2023 the cat is let out of the bag, let's take a look at a summary of the previously known or rumored information about the new Apple smartphone in the Pro version. For better clarity, you can find the data in comparison to iPhone 14 Pro from last year.

The technical data of the iPhone 14 Pro are well known. So far there have only been rumors and speculation about the iPhone 15 Pro. You can find the most recent comparison here.
The technical data of the iPhone 14 Pro are well known. So far there have only been rumors and speculation about the iPhone 15 Pro. You can find the most recent comparison here.

iPhone 15 Pro rumors vs iPhone 14 Pro dates

From thinner display bezels to the USB-C port to the higher price, you will find a number of changes discussed for the new Pro iPhone in the table below. But it is also about the camera, the LiDAR scanner, the WLAN connection and the internal memory. So you know at a glance whether it's worth buying a new one this year or whether you should sit out the iPhone 15 Pro.

iPhone 15 Pro (rumors) iPhone 14 Pro
Housing Titan with rounded edges Stainless steel with 90° edges
depth of the device 8,25 mm 7,85 mm
display edges 1,55 mm 2,17 mm
display technology More efficient OLED panel with 28nm control chip OLED panel with 40nm control chip
special key action button Silent switch
Physical interface USB-C lightning
Apple silicon A17 Bionic Chip (3nm) A16 Bionic Chip (5nm)
random access memory 8 GB 6 GB
Optical zoom Periscope camera and 6x optical zoom Telephoto camera and 3x optical zoom 
Wide angle camera ƒ / 1.7 ƒ / 1.78
LiDAR scanner New model with more efficiency Model same since 2020
Ultra broadband chip U2 U1
cellular chip Qualcomm X70 Qualcomm X65
WLAN standard WiFi 6E Wi-Fi 6
Wired charging up to 35 watts up to 20 watts
Wireless charging (Qi) up to 15 watts up to 7,5 watts
Internal memory 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, 2TB 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB
Included 1,5m USB-C cable, braided and color matching 1 m USB-C to Lightning cable, white
Price (US Dollars) starting at $1.099 and $1.199 starting at $999 and $1.099

We want your opinion on the iPhone 15 (Pro)!

Are the data shown interesting for you? Do you have a direct impulse to try out the latest Apple technology? Or do you wait for them first? Keynote in September? Feel free to leave your opinion on the topic as a comment. 

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10 comments on "Comparison: Alleged iPhone 15 Pro (2023) vs. iPhone 14 Pro (2022)"

  1. Well, let's be surprised, things often turn out differently than you think 😜
    I'll probably swap my 13 Pro Max for the 15 Pro Max or Ultra.

    1. There is only one argument for me to buy. The periscope camera. I'm still happy with my 12 Pro Max. Still have over 3% battery power after 90 years. And I find the pricing at Apple for new iPhones really cheeky. The periscope camera is new territory for Apple. You have to look again first to see whether there aren't the HW or SW problems that Apple now often have with new products. The Apple of today is no longer the Apple of yesteryear. This is of course also due to the increasingly complex applications.

      1. Yeah same for me. I'm not even sure I'll even buy the iPhone 15 Pro Max. It is always a risk to buy the 1st generation of such a technology.

  2. Well, then an alternative would be the Google Pixel 8Pro. In any case, their periscope camera in the 7 Pro is great. And the pricing isn't as exorbitantly outrageous as Apple's.

    1. Sure, value for money is certainly good, but entrusting all my data on the smartphone to Google... hmmmmmm. Rather not.

      1. Hi Jens,
        my wife works for an international pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Switzerland and their complete (!) corporate communication AND company data, including research, are carried out with Google tools and are hosted on Google servers - and have been for years. In this respect, I am convinced that the data is also secure with Google.

        1. Yes, I can understand that that can be an argument to trust them. But I think basically Google's motivation is to collect data, because that's what they live on. Apple thrives on services and hardware sales and has no vital connection to data collection. That's why I trust them more. But everyone can decide for themselves. I would also miss the Google Phone's integration with my rest of the Apple stuff. And I've had an Android in my hands (a phone I got as a gift) and I'm not warming to the operating system.

          1. yes jens This one “Apple thrives on services and hardware sales and has no vital connection to data collection.” is certainly correct. Also I have Apple iPhone and Mac Book Pro and Apple TV. But I'm starting to find Apple's pricing extremely borderline. The price/performance ratio is no longer correct in my eyes. I'm currently typing on a new Android tablet which is working perfectly. And the Google Fire Cube for watching TV also runs perfectly and is absolutely comparable to the Apple TV. I will almost certainly switch to the Google Pixel 8 Pro in October. The 7 Pro, which I tested for four weeks in the spring. had me fully convinced, especially the camera. Nevertheless, I will take a look at the iPhone 15 max ultra in September if the price is below 1500€ and give it a chance.

          2. Hello Bernd! Absolutely, I can understand. I thought about getting a Pixel phone just for photos, but for the money you can get decent cameras with larger sensors. So I'll just stick with Apple.

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