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The reliable mobile phone tariff comparison - from me, for you

Anyone who loves their cell phone has gained experience with a wide variety of cell phone tariffs over the years. And these are not always good. You have finally found your dream mobile phone and then you have to find out that the tariff doesn't really fit. Either the free minutes are not enough (that used to be) or the data volume is too tight and pushes forward and backward (that's how it is often today). Maybe you fall in love again and want to switch to another network, but it feels like an eternity is stuck in your contract before you can switch.
Today it is easy to obtain comprehensive information about the mobile phone tariffs of the various providers, which are offered by the big names in the industry as well as by discounters. My mobile phone tariff comparison is the opportunity for you to take another look at what's going on in the market. In addition, you can determine all the conditions of the tariff yourself and thus retain full control. Just play around with the different options and put together your dream tariff to match your dream mobile phone!

Find the cell phone tariff for your smartphone

Which tariff is the right one for you is of course directly related to your personal usage behavior - and that can change over time. That is why it makes sense to compare the conditions of your own tariff with current variants from time to time. It is also advisable to keep an eye on the data of all possible tariffs. For this you can have a folder on your desktop and of course let the Mac remind you when a notice period is due. Around 12 to 6 weeks before the expiry is always the best time to check the mobile phone tariff. Unfortunately, one likes to miss such appointments, but under Yosemite the "Remind" function can be used more variably. For example, you can be reminded of the same appointment several times. Now there is no longer an excuse to stick with an old cell phone plan, especially because switching is so easy. But first of all, the right tariff is found with the mobile phone tariff comparison.

Which tariff details count when comparing mobile phone tariffs?

I'm more of a seldom phone user, but a constant surfer, and I know some extreme users who do pretty much everything with their iPhone. There is a suitable tariff for everyone. For a smartphone, only tariffs with a data flat rate are possible, otherwise you cannot surf the Internet with your mobile phone. The other components are variable. This applies to the network, for example, which is one of the most important components (if you do not live in the city and can receive all networks well). As you may know, there are actually only three networks in Germany, namely D1, D2 and O2. All other providers rent resources from the network operators and pass them on to their customers. When comparing mobile phone tariffs, you can select a network if you wish and combine this selection with any other components. If you don't know which network you are currently using, you can get one for free Network query of the mobile phone number make.

The term of the tariff is particularly important - a longer term is often associated with a lower price. But prepaid tariffs can also be very cheap. Just try something out! In addition to free minutes and data packages, many Allnet Flats also contain SMS. You should note that you never save this, so you cannot take it with you into the new month.

What else should you watch out for?

Before you decide on a new provider, take a look at the terms of the contract. Many cell phone tariffs slow you down after a while and reduce the surfing speed after reaching a certain data volume. You can then post it, but that costs a lot of money. Always check with which network technology the provider is available to you. Nothing is more annoying than only being able to surf at GPRS or EDGE speed because UMTS or LTE is not available.

These were my most important tips for comparing cell phone tariffs. I hope you find a great tariff and can save a little or get better results.

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