Data flat calculator - the best data tariffs in comparison

In many cases, a SIM card with a data-only tariff is sufficient. In tablets, mobile routers, wild cameras or even in smartphones, which are only used as a mobile hotspot or for surfing or emailing, for example, no telephone connection is required and you can book a pure data tariff. You can use this comparison calculator to determine which tariff has the best price-performance ratio.

Compare data flat rates for smartphones and tablets

Ever since the Internet was available, everyone has wanted a permanently stable, high-quality Internet connection. As early as the 90s, there was a big debate about the use of Internet connections, which at that time could not yet be used as a data flat. Fortunately, times have changed. Numerous providers are currently offering tariffs for mobile Internet that are almost impossible to beat.

Young people who carry trendy smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S9 with them cannot use their mobile phones properly without extensive data flats. For this reason, numerous providers have come up with tariffs that are affordable for everyone. However, before you decide on mobile Internet and corresponding data tariffs, you should use the data flat comparison. This supports you in choosing the right tariff that is tailored to your own usage behavior.

Be mobile anytime, anywhere

The expansion of LTE radio masts also enables fast internet in the country - unfortunately at high costs for the user (Photo: Pixabay).
The expansion of LTE radio masts also enables fast internet in the country - unfortunately at high costs for the user (Photo: Pixabay).

Whether LTE Internet Flat for the Samsung Galaxy S8, mobile Internet abroad or unlimited data volume. The tariff provider market is more extensive than ever and allows a free choice in terms of Internet use. I discovered the mobile internet for myself since the invention of smartphones. After all, it is not possible to use the current smartphone apps without a correspondingly fast and extensive internet connection. I've even bought mobile internet for my tablet so that, in addition to communicating with my friends, I can also use my tablet to carry out work-related tasks on the train while on the move.

Most users of an Internet connection look specifically for connections that make sense for their Samsung Galaxy. However, there is no such tariff. The only difference is between a contract for Samsung Galaxy and a prepaid tariff. A comparison of tariffs for mobile internet has shown that not only well-known and rather expensive providers such as Vodafone have to be used. Aldi Talk, discoPLUS and O2 are all the rage. These providers create direct offers for their customers and also keep an eye on the financial benefits.

Check the contract before signing it

So far I have been able to gain my own experience with, AldiTalk, discoTEL and t-mobile / Telekon. Some friends use Telekom, DeutschlandSIM and - and are satisfied with their network in most cases. But the bottom line is that not every low-cost provider has low long-term tariffs, as additional costs for MMS and additional megabytes are often difficult to book.

In terms of network quality and network coverage, Telekom is certainly in the lead across Germany, but O2 and vodafone also offer interesting tariffs if you do not travel much in the country. Depending on what your wallet has to offer, you should choose the best tariff that is affordable for you. For young people, it no longer has to be a contract that messes up their own finances a little. Before a contract is concluded, the Internet tariffs and their costs should be checked so that you are not surprised at the first billing. For adolescents, prepaid tariffs that are easier to control and cost caps are preferable for this reason.

If you have used up your data volume and have been throttled, you can usually no longer use streaming offers such as Netflix or Spotify because the connection is too slow (Photo: Pexels).
If you have used up your data volume and have been throttled, you can usually no longer use streaming offers such as Netflix or Spotify because the connection is too slow (Photo: Pexels).

Note the maximum data volume

So that at the end of the month you don't have more money than planned for the Cellular Provider have to pay, you should make sure that a corresponding comparison (like this one here) is carried out. Special attention should be paid to the following characteristics of the contract:

  • Internet connection speed
  • data volume
  • Term of the contract
  • Monthly fees
  • Additional options such as free SMS or free minutes
  • Tariff details (costs for MMS, notice period, etc.)

Why a data flat rate is usually not a real flat rate

Data flat rates are particularly important. Many providers are currently offering a tariff that they call “data flat rate”, but you should use this term with caution. Currently (as of March 2018) only Telekom offers a real data flat rate that actually does not include speed throttling after a certain data volume. However, these tariffs cost 80 or 200 EUR per month and are only of interest to a few people.

All other providers who have a “data flat rate” in their program have a limited amount of data that you can use monthly. If this data volume is used up, you either have to book additional data volume or you will be throttled. Such a throttling of the data speed means that you can continue to surf the Internet and also send messages via WhatsApp and Co. However, music streaming on Spotify and sending films and photos via Whatsapp becomes almost impossible because it takes so long.

Mobile phone contracts with billing based on megabytes (MB) pose a particular risk. Here you can quickly get a very large amount every month if you continue to use your data after breaking up the basic amount of data. In order to avoid such grievances, a data flat comparison is essential, in which you can see where you can get the most data volume for the smallest amount of money.

If you are interested in a pure data tariff, our comparison calculator is the right tool for choosing the best contract (Photo: pexels).
If you are interested in a pure data tariff, our comparison calculator is the right tool for choosing the best contract (Photo: pexels).

Surfing abroad

The EU regulations regulate and cap roaming prices in other EU countries, but if you want to surf abroad and use the Internet without restrictions and high costs, you should use a vacation package like the one offered by numerous providers. It is usually much cheaper to buy a prepaid SIM card in the holiday destination in order to surf the web with it. However, if you plug this into your smartphone, Whatsapp no ​​longer works properly because you get a new phone number.

The comparison brings savings

For mobile surfing, it is usually sufficient to buy a prepaid SIM card to book all-network flat rates. These SIM cards can also be used for smartphone tablets and notebooks. The advantage here is clearly in the limited costs, which are very easy to control. You can easily compare the smartphone tariffs on this website. You can easily search for the right tariff that best suits you and your wallet. You decide how high the desired data volume is or what type of tariff and contract period make sense. You can even choose from different providers. Whether a contract term of the popular 6 months, 12 months or 24 months is desired is up to you. Young people in particular are not advised to have a binding mobile phone contract. Mobile Internet is even available as a prepaid format in the great Telekom network in order to keep monthly costs under control.

Not all data plan comparison calculators tell the truth

You should keep an eye on the criteria for choosing a particular provider so that you don't feel like you are in the jungle. Getting lost among the many offers would mean that you lose control of the costs and benefits of the cell phone contract and are likely to get a contract that costs you more than it needs to be. For this reason, the following points are very important when choosing the right mobile phone tariff:

  • Clear and clear structure: The tariff to be selected is kept clear and should give you all the important content that is important to you. It is best to leave confusing offers as they are.
  • Clear prices: So that you can manage your money, easily recognizable prices without an appended asterisk for extra conditions are important. Thus, your own budget is good to invest.
  • Simple processing: Buying or ordering a tariff should not cause you any difficulties, but rather be very clear. This has the advantage that there are no misunderstandings when you place your order and you can quickly get your desired tariff.
  • Prompt clarification of questions: Competent customer service is important so that important questions can be clarified. A customer hotline would even be a direct hit that you can rely on. The handling of inquiries should be handled just as professionally as the handling of complaints.
  • Short terms: In the best case, you opt for short terms so that you are bound to one provider as little as possible. After all, some providers can bind you to them for a long time without you being able to use an optimal or cheap tariff.

Ultimately, a comparison calculator is the best option so that you can find the right provider for you. Short terms don't tie you to one provider, which is a big advantage for you. After all, there is brisk competition in the market, which means that many providers have to undercut each other. You can find regular offers on the mobile internet market every day. This is the only way to find the offer that suits you.

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