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When is a free SIM card the right choice?

The major providers such as Vodafone or Telekom in particular offer free SIM cards for prepaid cell phone tariffs. Such a Freesimcard is always the right choice if you buy a new mobile phone but don't need a tariff with an included device, or if you want a second number. The free free tickets are also particularly suitable for short-term use, because you do not enter into any ties with them.

I find the Freesimcards particularly useful for children who are getting their first cell phone. As prepaid cards are a great alternative to one contract, because they are cheap and allow full cost control.


Why order a free SIM card?

free sim card

A free SIM card has many advantages for the customer. He does not take any risk, has no additional costs and can test a provider without obligation. A free SIM card with initial credit is already loaded and can be used and used immediately. If it is a prepaid tariff, many providers wave you with additional goodies such as free SMS or free minutes when you top up.

In my comparison, only one of the Freesimcards is bound to a contract with the provider klarmobil.de. (As of 1/2019) But here, too, you can cancel the next month, so that this tariff can be compared to a prepaid tariff.

What should you watch out for with free SIM cards?

In my comparison you can choose between the different providers and their respective networks: Telekom, Vodafone and O2. If you live in an urban area, you will have a good connection and good quality in every network, but in the countryside it looks different again. Here in particular, the non-binding nature of a free SIM card is an advantage, because you can easily try out which network has the best coverage.

Otherwise it is best to orient yourself to the individual details. Those who make a lot of phone calls choose a tariff with particularly cheap minute packages (for example 6 cents at discoTEL); those who want to be secure with regard to the data connection choose Vodafone CallYa and travel at high speed via LTE.

There is always an activation fee for all offers, but this is immediately converted into a credit.

Are free SIM cards anonymous?

No, you cannot order a free SIM card anonymously, you have to identify yourself. This works via the ID and is very easy even when ordering online. For example, all you need is a short chat. However, you only need this identification when you activate the card, not when you order. This is to prevent anonymous numbers from being used, for example, for planning crimes. Germany is the first country to implement this EU-wide decision to protect against terrorism.

It is best to compare which card is the right one for you and benefit from the simple ordering.

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