Computer and nerd books as a gift idea for friends and colleagues

Nerdikon cover
Nerdikon cover

The NERDIKON is a nice gift idea for people who work with nerds and geeks. More info below!

At this point I would like to introduce some books that I use as gift ideas for computer geeks, nerds or work colleagues - perhaps as a supplement or as an alternative to my other suggestions: the C64 book or the Apple t-shirts. :) Good entertainment is guaranteed, because the books have all been given away before and have been well received. I just add briefly to each book title what is behind it and for whom the book could be taken as a birthday present, farewell present or souvenir.

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Book subtitles: humor, satire, glosses, quotes and more from the wonderful world of work. The book I would like to recommend here is not just a collection of quotes on computers, nor is it a source of wisdom on work. But it combines both and also offers entertaining glosses, jokes, cartoons and curious finds. Very suitable as a farewell gift for employees or colleagues!
Nerdikon - The fabulous world of nerds and geeks
Your girlfriend or boyfriend has a nerd as a partner? Then this book is the right gift, because with it she learns to understand her partner! Everything that goes on in nerdy minds is explained here. You learn a lot of connections and you will soon be able to laugh at one or the other nerd inside joke.
Nerd Attack!
Subtitle: A history of the digital world from the C64 to Twitter and Facebook. No question about it - this book is the right present for people who used to play with the C64 and Amiga. Anyone who reads it will surely refresh many memories. The chapters on Facebook and Twitter are also very entertaining, but not connected with memories (for me).
Ready Player One
228 Reviews
Ready Player One
The novel Ready Player One takes the reader back to the year 2044, when the main actor takes refuge in a virtual reality in order to escape the oppressive real reality. The book is a science fiction thiller that will delight readers who did a good computer in the 80s. But the reader's comments show that even non-nerds find the book very exciting.
The lexicon of PC terms
This computer encyclopedia is something special because not only is it up-to-date as far as the content is concerned, but there are now instructions on how to pronounce the terms correctly. It thus meets a long-cherished wish of readers of older editions. The book is certainly a nice and meaningful gift if you know someone who is just getting started in the IT business and who may not yet have all the technical terms on it.

If you have other nice books that you can give away to work colleagues, friends and partners and that deal with the topic of computers, nerds or Apple, please submit them using the comment function. I will then be happy to add them to the list!


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