Convert and compress videos on Mac

Digital videos can have different formats and use different codecs. This can be an advantage if you save the video in the appropriate format for a special purpose. But if it's in the wrong format for uploading to a website, playing on a specific device, or sharing on social media, it needs to be converted. The same applies if it is too big. Then the video has to be compressed. Not infrequently, these two steps go hand in hand, such as when converting a large AVI file into a smaller one MP4file is converted. Here are solutions to convert and compress videos on Mac.

Compress and convert videos on Apple Mac works with various apps and online services. Some can do more, others too little. Here are a few examples.

Compress and convert videos on Apple Mac works with various apps and online services. Some can do more, others too little. Here are a few examples.

Large selection for converting and compressing videos on Mac

If you use a search engine to search for an online service or an app that can convert or compress videos on the Apple Mac, you will find a seemingly endless list of offers. But the results are not all equally good. Sometimes the maximum video length is limited, sometimes too few formats and codecs are supported. 

Perhaps the length and format are actually supported - but then a watermark is placed in the output video or the quality is not as desired. There are many hurdles to finding the right solution. Also the offers of software portals that want to install additional programs via their downloaders: Why you shouldn't download software from download portals.

Convert video with a Mac app on macOS

Here in the Sir Apfelot blog you will find different ones Apps and online solutions thanks to which you can convert and compress videos. The list of individual articles on the topic can be accessed with this link. The search results also include apps that you can use to download videos from the Internet and save them in the desired format. To name a few, there are e.g. B. UniConverter, ClipGrab, the VLC Player, the Wondershare Video Converter and the like included.

If you have an insider tip up your sleeve, please leave a comment! I would also be interested in your opinion on the fact that Apple in iMovie has not yet implemented a correct format selection. Shouldn't the iPhone and Mac manufacturer slowly start offering a native solution for converting videos? At least I think that's very useful.

Handbrake - the free swiss army knife for video conversion

The software Handbrake is open source and is great for converting videos from one format to another. It offers an amazing range of formats, but unfortunately it can't handle copy-protected videos. So if you want to convert video on Mac to watch on iPhone or iPad, Handbrake is a good solution. The presets also enable beginners to find the right format, because there are presets for iPhone/iPad and a number of other devices and use cases.

How do you compress and convert videos on a Mac?

Do you use a different program than those mentioned up to here? Do you work with professional software like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe After Effects? Or do you know a free (but reputable) app with which videos can be converted without restrictions and loss of quality, which we have not yet highlighted here in the blog? Then please leave a comment on the topic! You never stop learning ...: D

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  1. Martin Schellmoser says:

    I recommend Handbrake. Is open source and very good.

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello Martin! Yes, that's right! I also used in the past. At that time, the user interface was still a bit "rudimentary" to me, which is why I resorted to paid programs. In the meantime, however, the program also has good default settings and the like. I can really recommend it. : D

  2. Kai-Uwe Schneider says:

    I recommend adapters. Free of charge and very convenient to use.

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Thanks for the tip, especially the preview function, with which you can directly compare the image quality before and after the conversion, should be quite practical in everyday life.

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