Corona terms explained: "Social Distancing" and "Flatten the Curve"

What is “Social Distancing” and what does that have to do with “Flatten the Curve”? Why are these terms making the rounds in social networks and what is behind them? Here you will find the answers to these questions. In addition, I have picked out reputable sources on the topic for you. Speaking of sources: In WhatsApp, a lot of fake news is making the rounds as chain letters. Please do not share this nonsense, which usually comes along without any source! Holding your breath does not help as a diagnosis, nor can you achieve anything by drinking tea. The only thing that is now preventing the virus from spreading is actually social distancing.

What does "Social Distancing" mean and what is "Flatten the Curve" all about? Here are the explanations of the corona terms to combat the coronavirus' Covid-19.
What does social distancing mean and what is flatten the curve all about? Here are the explanations of the Corona terms used to combat the coronavirus Covid-19.

What is social distancing?

"Social distancing" means the spatial distance between people. Literally translated, the term means "social distancing" and means the minimization of social interactions in physical form. Of course, you can still make calls; SMS and WhatsApp messages can still be sent; and FaceTime, Skype and Co. can and should continue to be used. 

Social interaction with one another can therefore continue to be maintained - but with sufficient distance. Those who can should stay at home, avoid events, cancel their own events and also not allow family celebrations to take place. Anyone walking, shopping or working should keep a distance of at least 2 meters from others. 

The aim is to keep the number of coronavirus infections as low as possible.

What does Flatten the Curve mean?

The sources linked above also describe the flattening of the coronavirus infection curve (SARS-CoV-2 or Covid-19). The associated term “Flatten the Curve” is to be understood as an appeal in this context. Translated, the phrase means “flatten the curve”. 

The curve is used to understand the cases of infection over the course of time. Without precautionary measures, the number of infections increases dramatically; there is a steep curve with innumerable illnesses and deaths at the highest point. With precautionary measures, the many infections to be expected are spread over a longer period of time; the curve flattens out. 

The aim of the whole is to relieve the health system, doctors, nurses and hospitals.

What you can do: stay at home, wash your hands!

Social distancing or not flatten the curve - it is important that each individual now ensures that their physical contact with other people is kept to a minimum. So in the coming weeks you shouldn't go on vacation, partying, shaking hands, washing your hands when you were outside, etc.

Of course, you can still go for a walk with your dog, go shopping or take a walk. But keep in mind that you should keep at least 2 meters away from others. And remember that the coronavirus can remain active on surfaces for several days - that means again: wash your hands. Here is a practical FAZ article on this: "How high is the risk of infection when shopping?"

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