Corona Tracker: Monitor SARS-CoV-2 development under iOS and macOS

The spread of the coronavirus is to be restricted by extensive measures worldwide; however, there are new case numbers every day. If you want to stay up to date with the infections, the number of cured patients and the people who unfortunately died from Covid-19, there are various offers. Among other things, the developers at Samabox Lab have the app Corona tracker brought to life. The software, which you can download for macOS on the Apple Mac and for iOS on the Apple iPhone, shows the current numbers on a map and breaks them down by country.

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The Corona Tracker software for the Apple Mac and the Apple iPhone offers you a map with the current development of the SARS-CoV-2 spread. Here you will find the download link, alternatives for the browser and reputable sources of information on the subject of coronavirus.
The Corona Tracker software for the Apple Mac and the Apple iPhone offers you a map with the current development of the SARS-CoV-2 spread. Here you will find the download link, alternatives for the browser and reputable sources of information on the subject of coronavirus.

Update March 21.03.2020, XNUMX: iOS app cannot be found

I have already started a search with two readers, as only the Mac app of the Corona tracker can be found on the website of the app developer, but unfortunately all three of us have no idea where to get the iOS app. There are screenshots on their website, but you can find an app with this name in the App Store. Either the app is still in the mine waiting to be activated or it is simply not available in Germany.

When I have news, I'll post it here. At the moment we have to assume that the version for the iPhone or iPad is not available and that you have to be content with the Mac app.

Corona Tracker - Mac and iPhone app with official numbers

The interface of the Corona Tracker app is based on Apple maps and shows the numbers on this map material broken down by country. There are also various graphic formats. In addition to the circles of different sizes, the radius of which depends on the number of infected people in the respective country, there are also bar charts and graphs showing current numbers on infected, cured and deceased over time. The whole thing is reminiscent of the website of the John Hopkins University, which also has a Corona card offers - but these can be called up in web browsers such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc.

» Screenshots & Corona Tracker download: View and download here «

Coronavirus maps as websites without download

If you don't trust apps that focus on current topics and are offered outside the app store, then that is completely understandable. With regard to coronavirus cards, there was already a message that a Windows app was exposed as a fraudulent tool (here is my contribution to the topic). That's why I've picked out two alternative offers that you can use directly in the web browser without having to download them. In addition to the John Hopkins University map linked above, these are the following:

Only use reputable sources about coronavirus / SARS-CoV-2!

A final request: Only get information from reputable sources and do not believe every nonsense that comes along without a source or recognizable author via WhatsApp, Facebook and Co. Official and reputable sources are e.g. B. that Robert Koch Institute, Federal Ministry of Health, the Tagesschau website as well as the NDR podcast by the Charité virologist Prof. Dr. Christian Drosten. In addition, there are the websites of the offices responsible for your state, your district and your municipality. Of course there are more, but you are well advised here. Stay at home and stay healthy! :)

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8 comments on “Corona Tracker: Monitor SARS-CoV-2 development under iOS and macOS”

  1. Hello

    Can't find a link to the Corona Tracker iOS app!
    Just a github link!?!

    The AppStore doesn't find anything either and the John Hopkins link doesn't show the same information as in the screenshot!

    Please explain!
    Thanks ????

    1. Hello Nicolas! I was also looking for the app, but on their page you can find the iOS screenshots, but no indication of where the app can be found. Actually, it can only be downloaded from the App Store, but there are none with this name. So there is currently only the Mac app. I adapt the article accordingly.

  2. Hello, Jens

    In addition to the AppStore, there is also the option of a web app, which is then saved on the home screen. But for that you would need a corresponding web link ????

  3. I know the card and already use it. However, the Corona tracker app seems to be even more detailed, even the iOS screenshots show more ...
    The question is, of course, whether more details are needed in this continuous sounding of information ...?

    1. I have also completely switched off the news about Corona and only listen to the podcast “Corona Update”. You get a good update once a day in 30 minutes... I think it brings more than 100 BILD articles. :D

  4. The developer tried to load the Corona App into the App Store. However, Apple only accepts Corona apps from stately or health institutions.

    However, the application is in the source code on Github. So you can sideload them yourself on the iPad or iPhone.

    1. Hello Holger! Thanks for the hint. I haven't even had that about the sideload on my screen. I've heard that it works, but never used it. : D I'll note it in the article.

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