Covid-19 panic: Coronavirus card steals your data!

If you want to find out more about the spread of the corona virus, it is best to only use official, reputable sources. Because the currently very high global demand for information on the latest developments on the subject of Covid-19 and SARS-CoV-2 is causing hackers and fraudsters to jump on the bandwagon. For Windows PCs or Macs that can run .exe files through emulation, there is a "Corona-Virus.exe", "Corona-Virus-Map" and similar dangers. So don't dig too deep on the internet and don't install supposed real-time maps as programs on your computer. There are enough web tools.

Do not install a Covid-19 spread map as an app, but use web tools from reputable sources. A coronavirus card as .exe can be malware!
Do not install a Covid-19 spread map as an app, but use web tools from reputable sources. A coronavirus card as .exe can be malware!

Coronavirus cards: apps can be malware!

The file name of the current case is "" - this is a Win32 EXE that was put into circulation at the beginning of the month. The approximately 3,26 MB file does not only bring you a program on the Windows PC or the corresponding Mac partition that represents a coronavirus case map. In the background, malware is also smuggled in to steal your passwords, credit card information and the like. 

Further details, technical background and analyzes can be found here:

Where do I get information and why do I use the computer power?

The WHO has now officially classified the spread of Covid-19 as a pandemic. Not least because of this, it is understandable that you want to inform yourself and stay up to date. For example, to do this you can use the World live ticker use or take a look at the interactive news card / interactive morning post card throw. If you really want to install something and even help with it, then I have a suggestion for you so that you can use your computing power for the general public: Advance Coronavirus Research - Make CPU and GPU Performance Available! 

Wash your hands, disinfect your cell phone and leave the respirators available for those infected and the health workers! 

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