Corsair Void Elite Wireless – Wireless gaming headset (entry-level model)

How do you get started with the PC gaming experience? The laptop is often the method of choice when it comes to slowly moving forward and further immersing yourself in the virtual world. The laptop is particularly suitable for entry-level users, but it also comes with a number of compromises - especially in terms of graphics and audio. While the former can only be solved with an external monitor, for the latter you can invest in a gaming headset to improve the quality of the gaming experience. While looking for a suitable entry-level model, I came across the Corsair Void Elite, which is not too expensive and performs well in tests.

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Image: Corsair
Image: Corsair

Corsair Void Elite Wireless – headphones and microphone for gaming

The Corsair Void Elite Wireless offers a mix of simple and unusual design. The LED lighting is not too intrusive, but there is enough for the modern gamer feeling. The ear cup pads, which are made of breathable memory foam and microfiber fabric and can be rotated through 90 degrees with a widely adjustable aluminum bracket, promise optimal wearing comfort and should not get in the way of a long session. Thanks to the integrated microphone, playing with others via in-game voice chats, Discord and Teamspeak is no problem.

The noise localization is described as good, after all a 7.1 surround sound system is integrated, which is particularly advantageous in shooters or various survival games. The microphone is supposed to cause a small point deduction, which according to various users is described as good, but definitely with room for improvement. However, it is completely sufficient for standard leisure use, such as Teamspeak or Discord. It's definitely an upgrade over the built-in laptop microphone.

The volume and muting of the microphone can be controlled directly using buttons on the headset, but of course also via the audio control on the computer and in the individual apps. The microphone is also automatically deactivated when it is folded up. You can tell that it's off by the red light at the tip of the microphone arm. This means you know immediately when you can't be heard, even if the microphone is at mouth level.

20,92 EUR
Corsair Void Elite RGB Wireless Gaming Headset (7.1 Surround Sound, Ultra-Low Latency, 12 Meters...
  • Outstanding sound: Premium custom-tuned high-density 50mm neodymium speaker drivers with a...
  • Long-lasting comfort: The ear pads made of breathable microfiber fabric and memory foam are designed for...
  • 2,4 GHz wireless connection with low latency: Use the included USB adapter to set up a wireless connection with...

Corsair Void Elite Wireless scope of delivery

  • Corsair Void Elite Wireless Gaming Headset
  • USB dongle for the radio connection
  • USB charging cable with 1,5 m length
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Safety instructions and warranty card

Technical information about the Corsair Void Elite Wireless

Thanks to 50 mm neodymium drivers that support a frequency range of 20 to 30.000 Hz, the headset promises differentiated audio reproduction. The connection to the PC, Mac or video game console is made via a 2,4 GHz wireless connection; A USB dongle included in the scope of delivery serves as an interface. This connects via a USB-A port and ensures audio playback and microphone input with low latency.

According to the manufacturer, the battery should last for 16 hours of gaming fun. In practice, however, it should only be 8 to 10 hours. Finding reliable figures for this is difficult because the battery life depends significantly on individual use, the volume setting, active use of the microphone and the RGB lighting. However, there is a plus point for the lifespan of the battery, which should only show a drop in performance after two years of regular use.

According to the manufacturer Corsair, the range of the headset, i.e. the easy distance between the USB dongle and the headphone-microphone combination, should be 12 meters. Test reports describe that you can move around in the same room without any problems and that trips to other rooms do not pose an obstacle to the audio connection. Distances of 10 meters within the apartment were described as feasible, similar to standard Bluetooth connections.

Controlled via Corsair iCUE software

The iCUE app is available for general audio control, the headset equalizer, light adjustment and other adjustments on the Corsair Void Elite Wireless and on the gaming PC itself. This is software for the gaming PC that can be used to select audio profiles, adjust RGB lighting and much more. Are compatible components installed in the computer - e.g. B. also from the manufacturer Corsair - then these can also be accessed to get the best out of the computer. 

Corsair ST100 – Premium headset stand with its own audio output

To not only tidy up the Corsair Void Elite Wireless Headset, but also simultaneously charge it, further illuminate the desk with RGB light and use additional audio output, there is the Corsair ST100 headset stand. This 25cm high aluminum construction has two USB-A ports. These offer the option of charging the headset and other devices as well as storing the USB dongle when not in use.

In addition, the station can be connected to the computer to provide audio for the built-in 3,5mm headphone jack. Regular stereo headphones with improved noise localization can also be used on this. Because the audio is output with a virtual 7.1 surround sound. So if the battery of the wireless headset is empty, you can connect the wired backup headphones and continue to find your way around the game at a professional level.

These technical gadgets and last but not least the RGB light of the Corsair ST100 can also be controlled via the iCUE software. If you don't need so many colorful lights, you can also buy the whole thing without RGB lighting. That's even cheaper. You can buy the headset stand individually or order it directly in a bundle with the headset presented. Here you will find the corresponding options: Corsair ST100 single (RGB) / Corsair ST100 (without RGB) / Headset and stand bundle.

No products found.

Corsair ST50 Premium Headset Stand (Anodized Aluminum Construction, Non-Slip...
  • Anodized aluminum construction: Robust and reliable for years
  • Pack size: 15.4 L x 31.5 H x 17.5 W (cm)
42,92 EUR
Corsair Void Elite RGB Wireless Gaming Headset (7.1 Surround Sound, 12 Meter Range) Carbon &...
  • Product 1: Outstanding sound: Premium custom-tuned high-density 50mm neodymium speaker drivers with...
  • Product 1: Long-lasting comfort: The ear pads made of breathable microfiber fabric and memory foam are designed for...
  • Product 1: 2,4GHz low latency wireless connection: Set the included USB adapter to...

Conclusion on Corsair's headset offering for entry-level gaming

Finally, I come to the conclusion that there are of course better products - but at a much higher price. After reading some test reports and reviews, I find that the Corsair Void Elite Wireless offers very good value for money due to the comparatively low price and the good audio performance in this area. If you use the accessories instead of the laptop speakers, you will definitely have a much better gaming experience. Plus, audio chat is so much more comfortable. And even if you use a high-end tower at a dedicated gaming table, the Corsair Void Elite Wireless is sure to impress.

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