CrashPlan alternative for Mac users: Backblaze as a new cloud backup service

Crash plan alternative for backing up data and files under macOS

Has at the end of August Code42, the software company behind the backup service Crash plan, the offers for private users have been removed from the portfolio. The backup product CrashPlan for Home itself should then be completely discontinued from October 23, 2018. If you want to look around for an alternative or a new backup service for use with the Apple Mac, iMac or MacBook in view of this message, then this is the service Backblaze recommended. Regular readers of this blog know that Backblaze has had a good reputation here for a long time ;)

The backup provider's message for anyone interested in the home solution. A CrashPlan alternative is shown, but Backblaze is more useful for Apple users. (Screenshot from
The backup provider's message for anyone interested in the home solution. A CrashPlan alternative is shown, but Backblaze is more useful for Apple users. (Screenshot from

CrashPlan alternative: Backblaze as a reliable service

CrashPlan is giving up its backup service for private end users and will only focus on business solutions for business customers in the future. So if you need a backup provider as a private user of an Apple Mac, Backblaze should be advisable. This provider has a very good connection in Germany and manages to push large loads of data through the line very quickly. With other providers, if you want to back up several TB, for example, you sometimes don't get a full backup even after months. You can find offers from Backblaze on the Backup service website.

System crash, ransomware, virus and other threats

A backup is always a good idea. Whether you load your important files and folders onto an external hard drive or connect them to a cloud service, it is worth it. It is not only viruses, which are increasingly being written for OS X and macOS on the Apple Mac, that can damage or delete your files. Ransomware is the buzzword of the moment, because more and more cyber criminals want to extort money from PC and Mac users with this type of malware. In addition, there are natural influences (fire, water, thunderstorms) and other reasons for system crashes. Data backup is also important before creating a Fusion Drive or its Resolution necessary.

Backblaze invites users and shows advantages

Backblaze recently invited the outgoing users of CrashPlan to its company blog. In the blog entry, in which the provider presents itself as the perfect CrashPlan alternative, a comparison with the suggested by CrashPlan Service Carbonite and its products Carbonite Basic and Carbonite Prime shown. Backblaze as a CrashPlan alternative turns out to be particularly suitable for Apple users, fans of automation and bargain hunters:

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Your opinion and experiences

If you want, you can register here at Backblaze. But I'm also interested in your opinion on the subject: How do you feel about data backup? Are you familiar with the individual providers from Backblaze to CrashPlan to Carbonite - and which one do you trust? Feel free to leave your opinions and experiences on the topic as a comment - even if you know a CrashPlan alternative that is better in your opinion. ;)

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2 thoughts on “CrashPlan Alternative for Mac users: Backblaze as a new cloud backup service”

  1. Hello

    I was just looking myself and came across Backblaze. I came across you here via a Google search. Are there any special features that I still have to consider?

    If I've read correctly so far, there are 2 things to consider:

    1. A restore is not possible immediately. The data must be prepared briefly and then come, for example, as a zip via email.

    2. Securing the NAS is not possible or only possible at an additional cost

    Do you have anything else to add? If so, I look forward to a short answer.

    Best Regards

    1. Hello Boris!
      Thanks for your advice. Yes, in principle you spelled it right. If you have really shot the entire system up, Backblaze is a bit of a hassle, because on the one hand you have to have a running computer to access the online backup and on the other hand there is only the option to shut down the full backup after a certain period of time to load or to have a hard drive sent to you by UPS Express (at an additional cost). For this reason, Backblaze is more important for individual folders or files for me. I still have a backup running with TimeMachine and a hard drive where I made a 1: 1 copy manually with Carbon Copy Cloner.

      Oh, if you want to load individual files from the backup, you don't have to work with ZIP and Mail. You can log in online and then navigate through the folders. Once you have found the relevant file, you can download it directly - without waiting.

      Because of the NAS: You could plug the NAS into your Mac via USB once every two weeks. Then it would be an external drive and you will get a backup of it too. If it should continue to run as a NAS, you may have to pay an extra charge. The offer with infinite storage space for external and internal drives is pretty good even without a NAS, I think.

      LG! Jens

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