Creality Introduces Falcon2 Pro, Bringing Innovation to All Your Passions (Sponsor)

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Creality attaches great importance to the valuable feedback from our users. Our customers' enthusiasm is a strong driving force behind our relentless pursuit of technological innovation and product improvements. Thanks to intensive research and development and careful improvements, Creality is on the verge of becoming the first closed 40W laser engraving machine to bring to market! Meet the creative need for cutting and engraving upgrades.

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Features of the Creality Falcon2 Pro

Certified Class 1 laser cutter and engraver

Class 1 laser cutter and engraver certification not only reflects Creality's commitment to the highest safety standards, but also allows you to focus fully on your creative projects without worrying about potential risks.

Having a device of this class in your hands means you can concentrate fully on your work without having to constantly wear safety glasses. Thanks to its well-thought-out design, which gives you a clear and unobstructed view of your workpieces, you feel safe and comfortable with every use.

This certification confirms that the Falcon2 Pro has passed all necessary safety tests, enabling worry-free use - an essential aspect that further underpins Creality's promise to you, the user: safety and comfort go hand in hand to take your creativity to the next level to raise levels.

Safe and 360° visible

Safety Class 1 means the machine is safe to use under all normal conditions. The Creality Falcon2 Pro features a 360° vision cover, a deep red, highly transparent cover with excellent light filtering, providing eye-friendly vision and freeing you from the constraints of safety glasses. The curved surface and external buttons are unique and practical.


Triple surveillance systems

The Falcon2 Pro has 3 monitoring systems including airflow monitoring, lens monitoring and flame monitoring, making it easier for you to engrave and cut your masterpieces. Airflow monitoring displays the current amount of airflow and allows you to adjust it to your engraving needs. Lens monitoring triggers an alarm if the lens is heavily contaminated, and flame monitoring reminds you if a flame is detected.

Five safety precautions

This laser engraver not only improves engraving and cutting performance, but also safety performance to give you peace of mind. The Falcon2 Pro is equipped with 5 safety features including a bi-directional limit switch, an active stop function, a safety lock, an emergency stop button and a laser protection cover.

The bidirectional limit switch and active stop function ensure the orderly operation of the machine, avoid accidental collisions, and protect the machine and the works to be engraved or cut. The safety lock, emergency stop switch and laser protection cover provide a better user experience so you can engrave or cut without worries.


Pilot technology, integrated top camera for accurate alignment

Built-in top camera for accurate alignment ensuring full screen functionality. Improved curved cover and built-in camera for precise compatibility with extensive processing.


Exceptional cutting performance

The Creality Falcon2 Pro has switchable laser modules, including 40W and 22W.

Bonus a 1,6W laser module with 40W, specially designed for engraving more details. With the Creality Falcon2 Pro it is easier to cut through thicker materials. It can cut 20mm thick wood in one pass, giving you more freedom to cut and create thicker wood products.


Small machine, big successes

Creality Falcon2 Pro offers a large work surface of 15,75*16,34 inches (400*415mm). The overall size of the machine has not increased and you can place it more comfortably.


Drawer design, good helper for desk organization

The waste generated during production can be stored in the metal drawer. Simply pull out, pour out and wipe to clean up. Say goodbye to the worries of clutter and enjoy the joy of creating.


Special protective strips, heat and smoke dissipation

Special oxidation process, visually appealing and wear-resistant finish. Can be switched to a flat mode to create small, flexible works.


Integrated air support

Adjust the airflow automatically or manually to create perfect projects. This new one Air support is designed to remove smoke and protect the laser lens during engraving and cutting, ensuring a clean result.


Comprehensive compatibility

Compatible with a variety of systems including Windows and macOS systems, and software such as LaserGRBL and LightBurn.

Support create offline

Just insert a TF card and you can be creative anytime, anywhere.

Rotary engraving

Engrave exclusive characters on items like water cups and baseballs with the Creality Rotary Kit Pro.


This product offers a comprehensive solution for enthusiasts at an affordable price. It is designed for do-it-yourselfers, designers, craftsmen, woodworkers, small businesses and teachers looking for a cost-effective, high-performance laser solution.

Let's enjoy the fun of laser engraving and cutting!

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