Create an Apple ID - the guide for newbies

Take a screenshot of the Apple ID

The Apple ID is a central account that you can secure yourself free of charge at Apple and that you also have to secure if you want to use an iOS device such as the iPad or iPhone. This gives you access to many Apple services (Apple Music, Mac App Store, iOS App Store, iCloud, Messages, [FaceTime-> facetime] and iBooks) and at the same time the possibility of paying for content in [AppleTV-> appletv] or in the [iTunes Store-> itunes-store] or in the Appstore.

Take a screenshot of the Apple ID

A screenshot of the form for creating an Apple ID: With just a few details, you can get your own free Apple account.

Creating an Apple ID is free and very easy. The only thing you need is an email address that you use with another provider or one of the Mail addresses as I use them. You can then use this address to log into your Apple account in the future. If you use the me addresses, you can also freely choose the user name - if it has not yet been assigned.

It's that easy to create an Apple ID

But here are the instructions on how to get to your Apple ID in individual, easy-to-understand steps:

  1. Open this Apple address in Safari, Chrome or Firefox:
  2. Fill out the form according to your data and make sure that you enter an email address that you can actually access. After filling out the form, you will receive an activation email that you must receive and without which you cannot activate your Apple ID.
  3. It is also important to have a good password that protects your Apple ID from unauthorized access. Please do not choose anything here that is easy to guess. You have to confirm the password by entering it twice.
  4. Further down in the form, three security questions are required, which you should save with the appropriate answer. These are important if you should ever forget the password for your Apple account.
  5. The last area is the date of birth. This is important because paid content can only be purchased by adults. The date of birth is also used to provide a way, in addition to security queries, to verify identity in the event that the password is lost.
  6. After the postal address, which you should provide, you will only be asked whether you would like to receive newsletters about Apple and iTunes news.
  7. After entering a captcha to prevent automated inquiries, the Apple ID is also created.
  8. After creating it, you will receive an email with an activation link that you have to click on.

Important: Your Apple ID consists of a login that shows your email address and the password that you entered in the form above!

Using the Apple ID in practice

In practice, the Apple ID is used in very many places. For example with iCloud, in the App Store, in iTunes (for Apple Music) and of course in the mail program Apple Mail. You will also be asked for your Apple ID when you contact Apple for support.

If you want to use Apple's paid offers, you have to store a valid credit card in your Apple ID or top up iTunes credit, which you can buy in discount stores, for example. Access to the Apple account is protected with a password that is assigned when setting up the ID. If you have forgotten this, you can assign a new password if you can answer one or the other security question. These are stored in the account beforehand.

It is very important that you do not choose a simple password here, because the Apple ID also creates iCloud backups of iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone, for example, which can be used to restore the devices. As a result, a lot of private data is naturally associated with the creation of the Apple ID, which one does not necessarily want to protect with a bad password.



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