Create animated GIF with Mac software: GIFMaker, GIFfun and GIF Brewery + Download

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If you want to create an animated GIF with Mac software, then I have the right thing for you here: the Mac apps GIFMaker, GIFfun and Gif Brewery including download and description. With these Mac programs you can make moving pictures out of individual pictures or video files. You can also send these via WhatsApp or other messenger apps - this saves space than sending videos and is a good alternative if the audio material is not important. In short: if you want to convert photos or videos into a GIF on your Mac, then read on;)

Creating moving images, so-called GIF files, on the Mac is with these

Apps for macOS and OS X not difficult. GIF Maker App Download" width="620″ height="194″ /> Creating moving images, so-called GIF files, on the Mac is not difficult with these apps for macOS and OS X.

GIFMaker: Create GIFs for € 1,99 on your Mac

Spending $1,99 might not be worth it if you just want to convert a video or batch of images into a GIF. On the other hand, if you have a blog or another type of website that you want to enhance more often with GIFs, then this program is worth its weight in gold. Because GIFMaker accepts MOV, MP4 and AVI videos as well as PNG, JPEG and TIFF images, from which you can make GIF files with your own dimensions, a defined length (of the loop), an individual frame rate (fps) and so on. More information and the GIFMaker download is available in the Mac App Store.

GIFfun: Create GIF images from Life Photos for free

If you want to make GIFs from pictures or life photos, then this program is there for you free of charge. However, if you want to make a GIF out of video files or individual scenes, GIFfun also costs 1,99 €. The free version is definitely good to try out, individual settings such as the dimensions, the number of loops and so on can also be set. You can also find details, screenshots and the download of the app in the Mac App Store / iTunes.

GIF Brewery: Create GIF files from videos on your Mac for free

With the previous app you could convert pictures into animated graphics for free; With this software, the videos are now on. Record your screen or you via webcam or import a video file. Then you can set the size, the frame rate and some filters. Text and image or video overlays are also possible. According to the description in the Store for Mac Programs, GIF Brewery has already been praised from many sides (from 9to5Mac, MacWorld, The Verge, Buzzfeed and Co). Get an impression for yourself: click here.

Conclusion on the topic

What program do you use to create your animated graphics? Will you use the free version of GIFfun and GIF Brewery in the future to process both images and videos? Or are you drawn to the all-rounder GIFMaker for 1,99 €? Feel free to leave a comment on the topic :)

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  1. Etelka shrub says:

    hm, I've learned ... :-) and combed your side. I have already received Giff-s and have found out that I have to have a program for this, because these pictures are not animated in me, they do not move. But I still don't know which one can download on my App.Mac mini OS X El Capitan, German of course. I would like to buy. I have ambition to make something myself. Can you give me a tip which Giff program is easy to understand and not very complicated? Thanks for the answer! LG Ms. Strauch

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Etelka!

      The programs presented also run on your Mac under macOS El Capitan. My recommendation would be that you check out the programs. Some also have free demos. And if you look at the screenshots on the manufacturer's website, you will also have an impression of whether they are "too complicated" for you. But the procedure is usually simple and easy to understand. If you want to see moving gifs, you can just drag them on Safari. The browser shows them (like Chrome and Firefox too) animated. I don't think the preview app does this by itself. LG! Jens

  2. Etelka shrub says:

    thank your answer. The browser shows me animated, but the preview app doesn't do it for me by itself, (the bad one) so I make myself smart through some programs to "study" until it doesn't work ... :-)
    LG and Happy Fire Days !!

  3. Michael says:

    I used to be able to create GIF animation very comfortably with MAcromedia Fireworks, later taken over by Adobe. I'm looking for a replacement. Google search hasn't helped me for days. No matter what search term, it's always about Photoshop and Giphy etc ... That doesn't help me

    We are looking for a program (drawing program) that works on a layer basis and then outputs a GIF animation from the layers ... HELP!

  4. Michael says:

    Thanks. And yes. Procreate can do that. But I'm looking for the solution for the Mac :-)
    A layer-based application, vector tools etc ...
    I'll keep looking ...

    Thank you!

  5. Joe says:

    Does anyone know how it is possible to create cut out animated gifs?
    I mean gifs with a transparent background. Is that only possible with Photoshop?

    • Johannes Domke says:

      Hello Joe,

      if you're already navigating Adobe programs, you can probably use After Effects for animated GIFs with a transparent background. It may also work with Premiere Pro or Animate. I'm not too knowledgeable about that, though.

      If you want free apps, Blender, Open Toonz, Krita, Pencil 2D and Firealpaca are often recommended for graphics and animation. As an After Effects alternative, you might be able to use baking soda. Olive and Kdenlive are named as Premiere Pro alternatives.

      So there is certainly a possibility, but the choice of app depends on your project and your previous knowledge. Since you're asking about Photoshop, the aforementioned graphics apps might help. Maybe there is already a GIF tutorial on YouTube;)

      Good luck!

      Best regards

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