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Creating your own logos online is really easy these days. So if you need a logo for your company, brand, school project, club or other matter, you can create it directly in your web browser. For example, in Safari on the Apple Mac, you simply go to the Canva website, use professional templates, add your name with your own font and color and adapt everything to your taste. You can use the logo for internal and external projects, for business cards, flyers, brochures and more. General information about the service can be found here: Canva design. The following is about creating a logo with the free Logo Maker.

TL; DR: Click here to go directly to the web logo designer

Create a logo online in just a few minutes with Canva's free logo maker. Simply choose a template, customize everything and save - done!
Create a logo online in just a few minutes with Canva's free logo maker. Simply choose a template, customize everything and save - done!

Designing a logo made easy: just a few steps to the graphic

With Canva you can create a pixel-perfect graphic as a logo and let your imagination run wild. Whether for the blog, your new business, for the online shop, the website of your club or a print medium - the free design tool Canva helps you to create logos. You don't need any previous knowledge or graphic training. It's so easy to design the club, blog, project or company logo:

  1. Choose one of the professional logo templates as a basis
  2. Add the business name, brand name, or other term
  3. Adapt with individual colors (e.g. the corporate identity)
  4. Download the finished logo or use it online
  5. Use the logo or logos digitally or print them on the business card, in the brochure or elsewhere

Creating a logo online with Canva is easy

Canva has the right tools for a variety of issues. In the article linked at the beginning and on the Website of the design helper you will find the different price models. The great thing about it: the basic functions with over 8.000 templates, over 100 design types and hundreds of thousands of graphics and photos are available free of charge, along with 1 GB of online storage. This makes the Logo Maker, with which you can create your own logos in just a few steps and just a few minutes, ideal for small groups, school or university projects and the club. As a large company with sufficient capital, you should of course hire a designer to create professional graphics with in-depth background knowledge;)

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