Crowdfunding for the first German SwiftUI book

"SwiftUI for beginners" or "Entry into SwiftUI" - this could be the name of the first German-language book on Apple's UI framework. There is currently a crowdfunding campaign so that it can be completed and later bought by interested parties. This was brought into being by Bookbakers, Hanser Fachbuch and the author Thomas Sillmann. The book is intended to provide an introduction to the topic as well as a comprehensive overview of the future of user interface creation. If you find the project interesting, you can visit the official website inform and participate financially.

Bookbakers, Hanser Fachbuch and author Thomas Sillmann are looking for crowdfunding supporters for “SwiftUI for beginners” or “Entry into SwiftUI”. It's worth taking part!
Bookbakers, Hanser Fachbuch and author Thomas Sillmann are looking for crowdfunding supporters for “SwiftUI for beginners” or “Entry into SwiftUI”. It's worth taking part!

Understand SwiftUI with a German-language book

The SwiftUI book for beginners aims to highlight all aspects that make Apple's UI framework unique for macOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS apps programmed with Swift. The campaign page linked above states, among other things:

SwiftUI works completely differently than the previous mechanisms for designing views for Apple platforms. It is also deeply integrated into the Xcode development environment. This results in a large number of innovations that you should consider in the long term when creating UI. Swift expert Thomas Sillmann wants to describe this in detail in his new book.

By the way: On the linked page you can already scroll through the first pages;)

Why you have to understand the new user interface framework

Apple has SwiftUI at the WWDC 2019 presented. It should help to develop user interfaces across systems with just a few tools and APIs and thus facilitate the creation of UIs for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and also Apple TV. Programmers and those who want to become one can consume information material, instructions and tutorials in English and are sure to find German content here and there - but the project described above now serves to provide German-speaking readers in the corresponding language in full to introduce the new content. There are three levels of financial participation:

  • For € 19,99 there is exclusive early bird access to the finished e-book
  • For € 34,99 there is not only a copy of the book, but also a name in it
  • For € 39,99 there is a copy of the book as well as an exclusive tutorial video by Thomas Sillmann that shows how a small sample project is implemented step by step

Presentation of the project in the video

If you are not in the reader view, you will find an embedded one below Video to the project;)

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2 Responses to “Crowdfunding for the first German SwiftUI book”

  1. Uh, I think I was able to download that in German from Apple. Not this book, but instructions, also for teachers to convey this and thus also suitable for self-study.
    So actually nothing special, especially since there are many other books on it in German.

    1. I don't know exactly what you found there, but none of the manuals from Apple are that in-depth. If you are serious, you will certainly be better off with such a specialized book. But maybe you will find the link to the Apple work again.

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