The cute Lightning USB cable sets accents in everyday life

Cute Lightning to USB cable

Cute Lightning to USB cable
The Niedlich design cable can be used as a replacement for the iPhone charging cable (Lightning to USB) (Photo:
It doesn't always have to be the chic gray that already adorned computers [1972->1972]. The manufacturer Cellapod seems to have had enough of the fact that cables always have to look boring and have set about the design lighting to USB cable that can now be found in stores under the brand name "Niedlich". The cable is usually used to connect the iPhone 5, iPad or iPad mini to the charging station, the [car plug->iphone car adapter] or to the Mac.

And the good news for girls: The USB cables are not only available in black and blue, but also in red and pink. Of course with the chic zebra look or in the design with white dots. The cable is a total of 2 meters long and is sufficient even if you have your power supply unit on the floor but your iPhone is on your desk. You can find the different colors and designs of the Lightning USB cable via searching "Cute Lightning USB" on Amazon

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