Cyberport Cyberdeals - The best tech deals of the week

Cyberport Cyberdeals: whether Apple notebooks, a cheap smartphone, household electronics with a discount or other hardware deal. There are new Cyberport offers every Thursday!

You can find the latest Cyberport technology offers every Thursday at Cyberport Cyberdeals. As a small service here at the apple blog every week a corresponding contribution to the deals, discounts and technology bargains. The offers in the Cyberport Cyberdeals include various areas of electronics, but there are regularly Apple products such as iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro / Air, iPad, iPad Pro and iPhone as well as notebooks from Asus, HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo and Co . there. We started with the Cyberport Cyberdeals 2017, but will also report on them in 2018.

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Cyberport Cyberdeals: whether Apple notebooks, a cheap smartphone, household electronics with a discount or other hardware deal. There are new technology offers every Thursday! 2018

Cyberport Cyberdeals: whether Apple notebooks, a cheap smartphone (Android or iOS), household electronics at a discount or other hardware deals. There are new technology offers every Thursday!


Cyberport Cyberdeals: Technology offers at a discount

So if you're looking for a new notebook or even a coffee maker, vacuum cleaner, Bluetooth keyboard or hard drives for the NAS system, you should take a look at the weekly Cyberport offers. You can find out what's on offer this week in the first post in the list below ;) Since is primarily about Apple, it should of course be emphasized that the iPad is a cheap tablet or smartphones and laptops out Cupertino often listed as a deal.

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Cyberport B-goods: cheap technology and Apple hardware

However, reduced goods are not only available from Cyberport Cyberdeals, but also from Outlet of the shop offer. There you will find A-goods remaining stock as well as used goods in the form of B-goods and demonstration items. With an Apple MacBook, for example, you can sometimes save € 500 or more compared to the regular price! There are many top bargains from the following categories:

  • Apple & accessories
  • Notebook & tablet
  • PC Accessories
  • Smartphone & photo
  • TV & Audio
  • Household

CyberSale: Special Cyberport offers

Under the term cyber sale there are offers in the Cyberport shop that are updated daily and are cheap. It's not a classic one Deal of the day, because new deals are not offered every day, but the next promotion is always pointed out on the corresponding page in the Cyberport shop. Some offers in 2017 were really attractive; Among other things, the KitchenAid kitchen machine was offered at a decent discount. So if you don't want to pay the regular price for technology, electronics, notebooks, smartphones, Apple products and the like, you should stop by.

Click here for the CyberSale

Service is very important

Cyberport is an authorized Apple dealer and, in addition to the corresponding hardware as A and B goods, also offers comprehensive service. However, this also extends to the advice, recommendation and repair of products from other brands. Whether in the shop or online: there is a lot of information about this and that smartphone, about the notebooks on offer, about Apple, Dell, Asus, Lenovo, Acer - and the individual items have detailed descriptions and a meaningful data sheet.

Sir Apfelot with advice and information

Here in the blog you also get a very special service: there are lots of advice, product tests, instructions and recommendations about Apple products, operating systems such as iOS, macOS and watchOS as well as numerous articles on technology in general. Here you will also find answers to questions like What is the battery capacity in mAh of my iPad? or How to take an iPhone screenshot - If you are always up to date and don't want to miss any advice, subscribe to Sir Apfelot newsletter. In the following you will find the individual articles about the Cyberport Cyberdeals, in which the Thursday offers are broken down with price and discount.

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