Cyber ​​Monday 2018 - Offers only until midnight!

With today's Cyber ​​Monday, November 26, 2018, many retailers are ending their campaign week, which included Black Friday and the weekend in between. Various technical devices, smartphone and tablet models as well as household appliances and components are only offered at lower prices until midnight. In this article I have compiled a number of retailer sites and products.

You can only benefit from the Cyber ​​Monday 2018 Deals offered by various brands and retailers until midnight today!

You can only benefit from the Cyber ​​Monday 2018 Deals offered by various brands and retailers until midnight today!

Use Cyber ​​Monday 2018 on Amazon

Amazon is probably the largest retailer in this country when it comes to action days and savings deals. On the especially for the campaign page set up today you will find tons of offers and discounts from coffee machines or food processors to Fire TV Sticks and echo speakers to televisions, sound systems and computers. Various smartphone, tablet and eReader models are also offered at lower prices. There are also electric toothbrushes, camera systems, headphones, irons and much more. Products that do not run electronically are also included: LEGO sets, spirits, coffee and other foods, cookware and even mattresses. So it can be worthwhile to take a look if you want to save today;)

Buy SecaCam HomeVista trail camera cheaper

In einem Test report on the SecaCam HomeVista trail camera I have already shown you extensively how well this camera in the complete set is suitable for observing game, foxes, hedgehogs, cats, martens and other animals in the garden and forest. The wildlife camera, which is actually offered for 149,90 EUR, is cheaper on Cyber ​​Monday 2018, as I happened to see on Amazon. It is being offered for today's day of action at this point for only 119,90 EUR. 

Offers from various manufacturers / brands

The following is a list for orientation in the many offers that are still available on Amazon today. I have linked you to various manufacturers and brands whose products are cheaper to buy today on Cyber ​​Monday:

Black Weekend 2018 at Cyberport

The so-called “Black Weekend” is still running at Cyberport - a long weekend that runs from Black Friday to today's Cyber ​​Monday. Various technical devices are also offered here, for example Apple products. You come to the campaign page with all offers with this link or the following banner:


Cyber ​​Monday at GearBest

At GearBest you will also find a wide variety of offers, deals, voucher promotions and more for today's Cyber ​​Monday 2018. And even until November 30, 2018, individual campaigns will be drawn so that you can buy the right gifts for family, friends and acquaintances as well as for yourself before Christmas. You can get to the offers with this link. In addition to entertainment electronics, you will find cameras, smart watches, smartphones, drones, e-scooters, laptops, 3D printers, smartphone gimbals, headphones, vacuum cleaner robots and much, much more.

Black Friday Sale at Gravis

The so-called “Black Friday Sale” at the Gravis online retailer is also being extended to this Monday. Among other things, there are Apple products from 279 euros, DJI products from 118,90 euros and much more. This link takes you to the start page with the overview. There are also smart home devices from Eve, televisions, speakers and soundbars, lighting, echo speakers from Amazon and much more. Here, too, it can be worth taking a look;)

Buy cheaper at MacTrade

Another retailer who sells Apple products, among other things, is still promoting its Black Friday sale - namely MacTrade. Here on the retailer's homepage you can already find some interesting product groups: e-scooters, MacBooks, iPads and more. The individual categories of the menu bar take you quickly to the articles you are looking for. And with a click on the "Black Weekend Sale" banner you will also get to selected bargains. Very clear!


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