Update! Cyber ​​Monday Week Offers 2018: Products, apps and plugins cheaper

This week, which includes Black Friday 2018 and is heading towards Cyber ​​Monday 2018, which will take place on November 26.11.2018th, XNUMX, there are numerous deals, offers, discounts and voucher campaigns. Yesterday I already showed you where you are Apple products cheaper on Black Friday can buy. Today I would like to go into more dealer offers, discounted apps and discount promotions from individual manufacturers. If you noticed any other good Cyber ​​Monday week offers that are not yet in this post, please leave a comment;)

You can find offers and deals from Cyber ​​Monday Week 2018 in this and in future articles!

You can find offers and deals from Cyber ​​Monday Week 2018 in this and in future articles!

Update 21.11.2018

Sophos Home Premium (MAC / PC) with a 30% discount

The antivirus solution Sophos Home Premium is available with a 19% discount until December 2018, 30. This will be deducted from the total price at checkout. Here is the link to the offer - don't be surprised that it says nothing about PC or Mac. The software is available for both operating systems and the licenses can also be used mixed.

Skylum Luminar 2018 with a 10 EUR discount

If you don't know the "Lightroom Killer" yet, you should take a look at Luminar 2018. For 59 EUR (with Black Friday discount) you get a lot of software and great editing options for your money. Here it goes directly to the offer. Update: With the coupon code "SIRAPFELOT" you can get the software another 10 EUR cheaper! The code is valid indefinitely.

Aurora HDR 2019 - Bundle Offer with Luminar and Bonuses

Aurora HDR 2019 from Skylum is also cheaper. In order to find the offer, however, you have to scroll down on the product page. Take a look at itif you are interested in HDR photography! Update: With the coupon code "SIRAPFELOT" you can get the software another 10 EUR cheaper! The code is valid indefinitely.

Deal bundle: Photolemur and photo book with 83% discount

That I'm from the software Photolemur I'm excited, you have probably already read in my review. If you've been thinking of buying auto photo enhancement software, now is a good time! MacPaw offers the software and a high-quality photo book in a bundle for EUR 25. That equates to an 83% Black Friday discount, which you can get now.

/ Update end

“Cyber ​​Monday” week on Amazon

In the week preceding Cyber ​​Monday 2018, you can go to Amazon at this point always see the latest offers of the day, discounts and promotions. From fashion to smart products such as the Echo or Echo Spot to household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and microwaves, everything is included. Everyday products, cameras, baby products and advent calendars are also among the new offers every day. Cyber ​​Monday week on Amazon runs until November 26th. So take a look from time to time on the page "Offers of the day & selected promotions“Over - maybe you will discover exactly what you are looking for; just much cheaper than usual!

Kindle Paperwhite 10th Generation: Buy cheaper!

In October I have them for you 10th generation of the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite presented. This waterproof, small, lightweight eBook reader has also been given a discount for this week's deals around Black Friday 2018 and Cyber ​​Monday 2018. For example, on the version with 4G LTE, 32 GB storage and without special offers, there is a EUR 40,00 discount, so that it costs EUR 189,99 instead of EUR 229,99. For the cheapest offer, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite with only WiFi, 8 GB of storage and special offers, there is a € 43 discount - the price drops from € 119,99 to € 76,99. All offers and configurations can be found with this link.

Note: Before you send back the device you have already bought in order to buy it again cheaper, call Amazon support. If necessary, the discount can be granted retrospectively, so that the effort for returns and new orders is eliminated on both sides.

Kindle Paperwhite, waterproof, 6 inch (15 cm) high-resolution display, 8 GB - with ...
  • Now available in black, dark blue, purple or green.
  • Waterproof (IPX8) so you can read and relax on the beach, by the pool or in the bathtub. Your Kindle was ...
  • Has 8 GB and therefore twice as much storage space as compared to the previous model. Optional with 32 GB ...

Microlearn for Swift - 75% cheaper from November 22nd to 25.11.2018th, XNUMX

Mikrolern für Swift is learning software from Martin Lexow, thanks to which you can learn Apple's own programming language "Swift" in order to write apps and software tools. What exactly is behind the offer and what kind of content you can get with the app on the iOS or macOS device, I have summarized that for you here: Microlearn for Swift: Learn with videos and the Martin Lexow app. If you are interested in the topic and the offer, you will be really lucky from the day after tomorrow! Because then there is both the iOS app (here.) and the macOS app (here.) each with a 75% discount.

[appbox app store id1252806618]

[appbox app store id1383806247]

Website with WordPress? Get AAWP with a 30% discount!

If you run a website or blog with WordPress, then you might want to include Amazon products, offers and promotions from the mail order company. For Sir-Apfelot.de it turned out to be the best Amazon plugin. It has been running for years without any problems and a German developer is constantly expanding it. He takes on customer requests and suggestions for improvement, which has a very positive effect on the constant development of the plugin. You can get a discount code on all licenses that are currently on offer from November 23rd to 26th BLACKWEEKEND2018 30% sale - You can find information and purchase options with this link.

Pictures on the website? Short pixels with Black Friday offer

If you use images and photos in WordPress to make your website, shop or blog more beautiful, it can take up a lot of storage space. In addition, large graphics ensure longer loading times for your site. This not only has a negative effect on the user experience, but also on the ranking on Google. The “Shortpixel” plug-in is used to automatically compress images and thus integrate them into WordPress to save space and be quickly loadable. Black Friday offers that extend beyond Cyber ​​Monday and are valid until November 27.11.2018, XNUMX, can be found on this website.

Eve Systems - HomeKit products as Cyber ​​Monday week deals

Eve Systems (formerly Elgato Eve) is a specialist in HomeKit devices in the smart home. As offer of the day and discounted products you will find the smart socket “Eve Smart”, the “Eve Thermo” thermostat, the room climate and weather stations “Eve Room” and “Eve Degree” as well as the lamp “Eve Flare”, the watering control “ Eve Aqua "and the contact sensors" Eve Door & Window " with this link on Amazon. The individual products can also appear in lightning offers - especially on Friday. According to some reports, the "Eve Smoke" smoke alarm be under.

More Cyber ​​Monday Week Offers 2018

In the upcoming posts - today and in the course of the week - I will publish further campaigns and offers around Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. Some deal lists are beyond the scope of this article. In the meantime, if you want to share your favorite offers, please leave a comment! Maybe you have a good tip that can help other readers with cheap shopping;)


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