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30. November 2012
Firefox addon QuickJava

Firefox Addon: Quickly turn Javascript on and off

The Firefox add-on that I would like to introduce today should be interesting for developers and SEOs. I found it after looking for a solution to quickly check websites how they work with and [...]
29. November 2012
headflat iPhone holder for the peaked cap

headflat: The iPhone head holder for the baseball hat

Some iPhone gadgets are so gaga that they are good again. And the iPhone holder for the peaked cap called "headflat" is certainly one of them. The longer I look at the thing, the more [...]
28. November 2012
Adonit Jot PRO V2 Stylus Pen

New stylus for iPad and iPhone: Adonit Jot PRO V2 Dampening Stylus Pen

If Steve had his way, there would be no stylus for the iPad nor one for the iPhone. But it doesn't always work the way you want it. And because some people like to use the iPad [...]
28. November 2012

Firefox: Show http: // in the URL line again

With the update to Firefox 7 a strange behavior crept into the URL line: For the URLs that are displayed there, the protocol has recently been used - parts like http: // or https: // - [...]
28. November 2012

Reset forgotten admin password under OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion

I recently reinstalled an old Mac for a friend and then - because it had to be quick - typed in a meaningless password as the admin password, which I was sure that I would [...]
28. November 2012

Instructions: Upgrade your analog or digital stereo system with Airplay

Airplay is a practical thing if you just want to quickly play music from your iPhone or iPad on the stereo system. Läsitges pairing as with Bluetooth is no longer necessary and the sound is also essential [...]
28. November 2012
System settings notifications

Turn off notification of new emails on the Mac

The new message center, which since OS X Mountain Lion is also available on the Mac about new events, such as incoming mails, calendar events, game center invitations or other things. However, some people feel a little "stressed" when there are constant messages in the upper right corner
28. November 2012
Apple commercials

485 Apple Commercials - Good Entertainment!

The commercials Apple has produced and published over the company's history are not all entertaining. But some have become real classics, which one likes to take to heart again and again. A friendly Youtube user [...]
28. November 2012
iShower Bluetooth speaker

iShower: waterproof Bluetooth speaker for the shower

The name "iDevices" should mean something to some iPhone fans since the "iGrill" barbecue thermometer. After winter is in the house and the iGrills are living their existence in the garden shed, the manufacturer also has something for inside [...]
26. November 2012
JVC Everio GZ-VX 700 SEU camcorder

Camcorder test winner: JVC Everio GZ-VX 700 SEU

The JVC Everio was my first hard drive camcorder a few years ago. For those times it had an intoxicating picture, an HD resolution and a long battery life. And even today JVC plays with its Everio HD camcorder in the [...]