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28. February 2013
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Are USB 3 cables different from normal USB cables?

The question is a good one, because some USB 3 devices sometimes don't come with a USB 3 cable. Then of course you think about whether you can just use an old USB cable that you already have. The answer is: […]
27. February 2013

Data recovery on Mac under OS X

Hard drives and USB sticks can break, as can other technical parts. And sometimes it is the user's own fault if the hard drive's file system becomes corrupted. I admit that I myself have [...]
25. February 2013
Instructions: Battery replacement for the Ion Audio Blockrocker

Boot Camp: Windows 7 starts with a black screen on the iMac

Yesterday I installed Windows 2009 on my iMac late 7 on a Boot-Camp partition. Unfortunately there was a problem, because when the iMac starts, the message "Windows is starting" appears and then [...]
25. February 2013
Zagg invisibleSHIELD full body iPhone 5 cover

Scratches from bumpers on the iPhone 5/4 / 4s / 3G / 3Gs? Solved!

Bumpers have been popular since the iPhone existed and the fact that Apple no longer offers bumpers for the iPhone 5 doesn't change that much. With the Apple bumper, however, there was also [...]
22. February 2013
7x7 Rubik's Cube

7 × 7 Rubik's Cube: A tough egg - even for speed cube experts

Solving puzzles is always a nice activity when the computer is busy with video rendering or other important things. Now there are people who like to play on their iPhone and others who like [...]
21. February 2013

Dofollow Blogs List for Search Engine Optimization

To get one thing straight up front: I don't want this list to be used by someone who posted the blogs with pointless comments like "Great blog! Keep up the good work!" spammed to build backlinks. I write here myself [...]
21. February 2013
Youtube video lock

Instructions: Watch blocked YouTube videos - ProxTube is your friend

You know it: You click through Google and actually want to watch one or more interesting video and suddenly the message comes that you are unfortunately not allowed to watch this video because GEMA has [...]
18. February 2013
SEO consulting in North Hesse

SEO consultant in North Hesse

This blog is a kind of hobby that I look after alongside my freelance work as an SEO consultant. I like to work on [Apple Macintosh computers-> apple-macintosh] and am also provided with an iPhone and iPad on the go - for the reason [...]
18. February 2013
Xenu Link Check screenshot

Link Checker: Check the entire website for broken links

Various tools can be expected under the term link checker. Some people may be looking for a [backlink tool-> backlink-checker] to see how many backlinks a website has, but I would like to introduce a piece of software here that all links on one [...]
12. February 2013
MacGo Mac Blu-Ray Player

Blu-ray player software for Mac OS X from MacGo

After we recently briefly presented a test winner from the field of Blu-Ray players for the Mac, we would like to mention suitable software for this today. The name may already have come across some, because the player will [...]