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26 JULY 2013
Withings Pulse

Buy the Withings Pulse on Amazon

The Withings Pulse fitness tracker is available in Germany from Amazon - or can currently still be pre-ordered. In contrast to the [fitness armbands-> fitness armband], the Withings Pulse is attached to the belt with a clip or can simply be inserted into […]
26 JULY 2013
Instructions: Battery replacement for the Ion Audio Blockrocker

Non-breaking space in Adobe Indesign

I was just doing tinkering in [Indesign-> adobe-indesign] when I noticed that the old keyboard combination "ALT + Space" no longer works if you want to insert a protected space in the text. For all, who […]
25 JULY 2013
Security programs antivirus

OSX.Janicab.A ... and there is malware on the Mac

I am a big advocate of the theory that you don't need a [virus scanner-> virus scanner-mac] on a Mac, because nothing runs on it anyway that comes in viruses, because mostly it is .exe files that are directly for [... ]
11 JULY 2013
Vibe-Tribe Troll vibration speakers

The best vibration speakers

In the constant search for interesting sound systems for my iPhone, I just came across the term "vibration loudspeaker" or "resonance loudspeaker". Behind them are small sound systems that use the surface on which they stand as a resonance body. [...]
7 JULY 2013
suspicious iOS calendar invitation

Suspicious calendar invitations on iPhone

For a few days now I've been getting strange invitations every day in my iOS calendar on the iPhone. Some people who are completely unknown to me invite me to use their calendar. The exact wording then includes, for example, [...]
1 JULY 2013
Icon ask Sir Apfelot

Connect iPhone or iPad to a VGA projector?

Hello Sir Apfelot! I like to use the Keynote software to prepare presentations. So far I have always connected my MacBook Pro to the projector with a mini-DVI adapter to VGA. However, a friend asked me why I [...]