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26. August 2013
Bolero drink powder without sugar

Quench alternative in a can - powdered drink brings me back to the 80s!

Oh, what did we drink this stuff earlier at the boy scout camps? Whenever it was feeding time, the group leaders were busy tearing open what felt like hundreds of packs of quench powder and then putting them in the huge water tub [...]
23. August 2013
Fun t-shirt I fixed it

Fun t-shirts for apple nerds

Sure, the Think Different is slowly coming to an end, because you are hardly anything special when you come along with an Apple computer - everybody is now stupid. Nevertheless there are some [...]
23. August 2013
Icon ask Sir Apfelot

Flight simulator in Excel 97 - Easter Egg

This video shows how to find the [Easter Egg-> easter-egg] in [Microsoft-> ​​microsoft] Excel 97. If you've done it right, a flight simulator starts showing, with impressive graphics, what was already being done in the 90s [...]
23. August 2013


Microsoft Corporation is the famous software manufacturer who landed the big coup with MS DOS and Windows. The [Chief Bill Gates-> bill-gates] was already a good buddy of Steve Jobs at that time and the two gave [...]
23. August 2013
SurfacePad for MacBook Pro

SurfacePad - the palm rest for the MacBook Air and Pro

The guys from Twelve South have a number of accessories for iPad, iPhone and MacBooks in their portfolio that can be recommended almost across the board. One of them is the palm rest called "SurfacePad" (no, that is [...]
23. August 2013
Icon ask Sir Apfelot

How can I delete certain web pages from Firefox?

Hello Sir Apfelot! I have a question: I use the Firefox web browser and do not want certain domains that I visit frequently to appear at the top of the URL line during autocomplete. It's always a bit embarrassing when [...]
23. August 2013
iWork in iCloud

Pages, Number and Keynote are now in the cloud

You can still find the symbols of Pages, Numbers and Keynote with a thick yellow "BETA" banderole, but at least all [iCloud users-> icloud] can now try out this web software. This free Office Light version from Apple should work with the [...]
23. August 2013
School dice set

School dice

A school dice set usually consists of 6 or 7 dice that are modeled on the platonic solids. They are mostly colorful and transparent and so look very good on children who like [...]
23. August 2013
Dice Plus

Dice +: The digital bluetooth cube for iPad board games

Now that a number of board games such as Monopoly, Carcassonne, Catan and the like have found their way onto the iPad, it was only a matter of time before a cube came along that "served" these games. With […]
22. August 2013
Rode Podcaster and BD DT 770 Pro

USB microphone - two good microphones for vloggers and podcasters

Microphones with a USB connection are a practical thing if you want to get into audio production without a lot of technical bells and whistles. Usually you plug them into your Mac or PC. The computer then installs the appropriate [...]