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30. September 2013
Vintage 1972

1972 - Great gift ideas for this vintage

I was born in 1972 myself and that's why I created this nice subpage. It's interesting what happened this year: the XX. Olympic Games in Munich [...]
30. September 2013
Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate start screen

Test: Wondershare Video Coverter Ultimate for Mac OS X

A few weeks ago I got a license for the Video Converter Ultimate from Wondershare. I have been using it since then under the Macintosh operating system MAC OS X. The tool is an all-in-one solution when it comes to [...]
30. September 2013
Icon ask Sir Apfelot

iPhone 5s dimensions

The dimensions of the iPhone 5s are still the same as those of the previous model - the iPhone 5: Height: 123,8 mm Width: 58,6 mm Depth: 7,6 mm The weight is 112 g. It should also be noted that the iPhone [...]
30. September 2013
Icon ask Sir Apfelot

Can I also use iPhone 5 cases for the 5s?

One reader asked whether he could basically use all cases that are designated for the [iPhone 5-> iphone-5] for the iPhone 5s as well. Answer: Yes, this is of course possible, since upgrading from iPhone 5 [...]
23. September 2013
Icon glossary

What is a .f4f file?

Files with the extension .f4f are known as Flash MP4 video fragments. They are created and used by Adobe Media Server for HTTP dynamic streaming. These files are to be used as a video stream and can [...]
23. September 2013
Icon glossary

What are .oxps files?

The .oxps file extension can be found in documents that correspond to the Open XML Paper Specification. Usually this is a descriptive file for an XML file. The oxps file extension also corresponds to the [...]
20. September 2013
iPhone mobile data network for

Mobile data network: iPhone settings for

Regardless of whether iPhone 4s, 5, 5c or 5s: If you want to use the Internet with on the go, you have to make the appropriate settings on the [iPhone-> iphone] under "Settings> General> Network> Mobile data network", because [ ...]
16. September 2013
Instructions: Battery replacement for the Ion Audio Blockrocker

Prohibit URL calls with parameters via robots.txt

Today I noticed a small indexing problem on a customer website. This works with a shop system that supports "speaking URLs" and is therefore a bit SEO-friendly, but unfortunately it offers sorting of product lists [...]
6. September 2013
GIMP screenshot

Gimp manual as PDF download

GIMP is an extremely powerful yet free image manipulation program. The software, which is published under the [GNU license-> gnu license], can run on Mac OS X as well as Linux and Windows. The manual for [...]
5. September 2013
iPhone 6

iPhone 6 release date - here it comes!

I think that the rumor mill can be believed slowly. On the one hand, the [iPhone 6-> iphone-6] will probably be more of a [iPhone 5s-> iphone-5s] or, in the inexpensive version, an iPhone 5c, and on the other hand, you can [...]