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5. September 2013
IMDB logo

IMDB - Internet Movie Database

The IMDB ( is a film database that is maintained online. It collects data on all possible movies, video films or TV films that have ever been made. The portal is operated by the online shipping company Amazon and also offers [...]
5. September 2013
Icon film

The top 20 films in the IMDB charts - in German!

Today I looked at the [IMDB database-> imdb] and fished out the films that were rated the best by the users. A small IMDB chart list came out, which I would like to present here. [...]
4. September 2013
Firefox Addon AffiliateFox

Firefox addon AffiliateFox makes Amazon ASIN links

Actually, I was looking for a Firefox plugin that would give me the ASIN of the product when I visit an Amazon detail page. However, I haven't found a serious add-on that I would recommend. But […]
4. September 2013
Week numbers in iCal

Week numbers in the Mac OS X calendar

I have just received another request from a customer whether I would have time in week 38 to make an appointment. So on to the Mac calendar (which is no longer iCal [...]
4. September 2013
Kindle on sale

Amazon Kindle for 49 EUR on offer

With the current offer from Amazon you can order the smallest Kindle (Kindle Classic, so to speak) for 49 EUR. With that you have reached a price at which you don't really have to think anymore. The Kindle is [...]
3. September 2013
iPhone 5c photo

iPhone 5c

The Apple iPhone 5c is probably the cheap version [of the new iPhone-> new iphone]. The "C" in the name should probably stand for "cheap". Whether Apple actually calls the iPhone that is pure speculation. [...]