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30. October 2013
Install OS X Mavericks

Instructions: Create a bootable USB stick for the Mavericks installation

The latest version of OS X is called Mavericks. In contrast to earlier OS X systems, there is no longer any possibility to order a [USB stick-> usb stick] with the system from Apple. That means you load [...]
28. October 2013
Repair the home button yourself

Repair iPhone Home Button - The Guide

No matter whether [iPhone 4 or 4s-> iphone-4] or iPod or iPad: The [home button-> home button] is one of the main problems that older iOS devices have according to the support forums. The home button only reacts to strong pressure or it swallows [...]
28. October 2013
Garmin HUD in the car

Garmin HUD: Head-Up-Display projects data onto the windshield

A new product from [Garmin-> garmin] is available: The Garmin HUD. The abbreviation HUD stands for Head-Up-Display. This works in conjunction with a Bluetooth connection to the iPhone and shows important data from the navigation programs of [...]
28. October 2013
Samsung DDR4 SDRAM

DDR4 RAM: New RAM is on the way

When recommending how much RAM you should give your computer, you can really only say: the more, the better. Why this? Because the main memory is crucial when it comes to using several programs at the same time. [...]
28. October 2013
Eye-Fi-Mobi card

New Eye-Fi mobi SD card transfers photos and films to iOS devices

The company [Eye-Fi-> eye-fi] is certainly already known to many photographers. The Eye-Fi SD cards called "Pro X2" were popular in the past to transfer photos or videos from the digital camera directly to the computer [...]
25. October 2013

AirPlay: What it offers and alternatives to it

AirPlay is a transmission standard that was developed by Apple to send music, videos or other content to an AppleTV or airplay-enabled device. You can use it to transfer your music from your iPhone or iPod to an airplay-enabled [...]
24. October 2013
HDMI cable for 3D TV

Inexpensive HDMI cable for 3D televisions

To be honest, I didn't even know until now that HDMI cables have to be supported by the HDMI version. But after reading a bit, it turned out that HDMI cables do not immediately [...]
23. October 2013
Star Trek Into Darkness DVD

Star Trek "Into Darkness" available on DVD and Blu-ray

It took a while, but now I've seen the latest Star Trek movie with young Kirk. "Into Darkness" is astonishingly enough in Germany too - it's good that [...]
22. October 2013
Apple iPad Air

iPad Air

The new iPad Air: even thinner, even lighter, even less edge and therefore lengths faster than the old version of the iPad. With the iPad Air, Apple has succeeded in another small stroke of genius and they [...]
22. October 2013
Insert FCPX audio keyframes

Adjust volume in Final Cut Pro X clips with keyframes

In [FCPX on Mac-> final-cut-pro-x] you can easily change the volume for the entire clip, but it is a little less easy to see how to adjust the volume in a clip with keyframes in the audio track [...]