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28. November 2013
Apple Shopping Event 2013

Apple Shopping Event this "Black Friday" Friday

In America they are celebrating "[Black Friday-> black-friday]" again on November 29, 2013. On this day there are super special offers at all self-respecting shops. And Apple has also signed up for this year's Friday [...]
22. November 2013
EasyAcc Kindle charger

[Solved] What power adapter can I use with my Amazon Kindle?

Question: I want to get a Kindle, but I saw that the guys at Amazon don't include a power adapter. This is really a bit tight if you ask me. But my question is whether to [...]
18. November 2013
ICO plugin for Photoshop

Export favicon to Photoshop

Since I occasionally create WordPress websites for customers, there comes a point at which a favicon.ico also has to be saved. Unfortunately, my Adobe Phtotoshop CS5 does not offer this by default, which I [...]
15. November 2013
Icon ask Sir Apfelot

Is Thunderbolt faster than USB 3?

Question: I would be interested in whether the Thunderbolt interface is now faster or slower than USB 3. I ask because I want to buy an external hard drive and am unsure which port it should have. Answer: In [...]
15. November 2013
USB 3 or Thunderbolt

External Hard Drive - Better USB 3 or Thunderbolt?

External hard drives are often bought to store files, to back up the iPhone or iMovie library or to be used as a TimeMachine volume. With current Macs, the question arises whether you would rather [...]
15. November 2013
Restore Open Office window dialog

OpenOffice message "Restore window" got away

I just had to get a Windows Doc in .odt format again. When I opened OpenOffice, however, the message "When trying to restore the program window, the program terminated unexpectedly. Would you like [...]
15. November 2013
Lacie Rugged Thunderbolt 1TB

External Thunderbolt hard drive with 1TB capacity: LaCie Rugged

Slowly but surely, the Thunderbold hard drives are entering a price range in which private users can also consider whether to buy one. With 1 TB, the LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt is one of the larger hard drives [...]
15. November 2013
Adonit Jot Pro V3 Stylus

Adonit Dampening Jot Pro V3 at Amazon at a bargain price

If it had been up to [Steve-> steve-jobs], there would be no writing instruments for the iPad on the market today. He was firmly convinced that no one needed such a stylus, because everyone has [...]
12. November 2013
Export Firefox bookmarks

Instructions: Import Firefox bookmarks into Safari

After yesterday my Firefox was mucking all day and sometimes loaded for minutes on websites that were there in Safari in 10 seconds, today I decided to use Safari again as the default browser [...]
11. November 2013
Word Count Tool Firefox Addon

Firefox addon for counting words and characters

As [SEO-> seo] or [Adwords-Optimierer-> adwords-optimization] you are always embarrassed to want to know how long a text is or how many characters an advertisement draft has. So far I've always taken the detour via [BBEdit-> bbedit] [...]