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31 JULY 2014
Coffee selection

The most expensive coffee in the world ... is not Kopi Luwak!

When I first heard from Kopi Luwak, I must have looked very strange. With the mention of the name, the explanation came as well, why the Kopi Luwak [...]
31 JULY 2014
Darth Vader voice changer


Today again an entry for our lexicon - this time on the term "vadern": Under "vadern" we mean the typical Darth Vader noises that some people make in the podcast by panting continuously into the microphone. It is ... with me […]
30 JULY 2014
Zalando apps

App presentation: the Zalando shopping app

If you want to scream with happiness on the go, you can land a huge hit with the new Zalando shopping apps. Not only around the clock and in the café around the corner or during the lunch break [...]
18 JULY 2014
My homescreen

Blog parade "Show me your homescreen!"

I assume that I'm a bit out of line with this blog parade, because Henrik from shares several screenshots in his blog parade "Show me your homescreen". On the other hand, with my iPhone 5 I only have [...]
18 JULY 2014
Kindle Unlimited USA

Kindle Unlimited: Amazon's e-book flat rate is now available in the US

After only a few key data became known through the rumor mill in the last few days, which I did not want to publish in a separate blog post, there are now facts about Amazon's new blow against the booksellers
18 JULY 2014
first blog parade with coffee

Claudia's blog stick "Blogger Questions" - my answers

I have to admit, this is my first blog parade in which I actively participate. So far I have only watched and secretly read along, but never contributed anything myself, because I do not understand the "functionality" of a blog parade [...]
17 JULY 2014
Mono-clip iPhone lens

Monoklip II clip-on lens set for the iPhone

A few weeks ago I was able to test the mono clip set (version 2) with clip-on lenses for the iPhone 5 / 5s (found at It is a metal frame that you put on the iPhone. This covers [...]
16 JULY 2014
Aperture to Lightroom

Switching from Aperture to Lightroom - this is how the move works

After Apple announced that Aperture will no longer be developed, many photographers are faced with the problem of having to decide which horse to bet on in the future. My recommendation is still Adobe Photoshop [...]
16 JULY 2014
Aperture Alternetive Lightroom

Alternatives to Apple Aperture photo management and image processing

After Apple presented the new "Photos" app at WWDC, it became known almost at the same time that the further development of iPhoto and Aperture would be discontinued. While amateur photographers who have built on iPhoto certainly have no problems with [...]
15 JULY 2014
Samsung Galaxy S4

How much mAh does the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S4 have?

Question: I would be interested in how much capacity the Samsung Galaxy S4's battery has? Are there comparative values ​​for how long you can surf the web or watch a film with it? Answer: The battery of the Galaxy S4 has a [...]